hey this is a new story i'm working on  :) i hope you enjoy!  I will hopefully update saturday or sunday (english time) xx

Chapter 1

I put in my headphones and pressed play on my iPod. I put my hood up on my black jacket. I was dressed as usual. Dark wash skinny jeans, band tee, hooded jacket and black Converse. My make was as usual as well with a thick ring of eyeliner around my eyes and lots of black mascara which made my silvery-grey eyes stand out. I had on purple lipstick with black snakebites and a pair of black studs and a pair of black crosses in my ears. I had in a silver cuff with chains in the top of my right ear. I looked in the mirror once more and moved my black bangs over my left eye before walking out to my car.

I arrived at school early. My new school and I could tell it would be no different. I would get the same thing as the last schools. I would get bullied and teased and called names because of how I looked. Even the teachers judged me!

I climbed out the car, keeping my head down. I walked into school and found my way to the office, unnoticed. The receptionist looked up as I shut the door.

‘Hi, I’m new here,’ I mumbled quietly

‘Ah you must be Alexandria!’ she replied cheerly

‘Zandy,’ I whispered

‘What dear?’

I looked her in the eye and saw her look of disapproval as she looked my style over ‘My names Zandy,’ I repeated. She held out a folder and I took it off her. She looked back at the computer screen and I took that as my time to leave. I quickly found my locker and put my spare books in it that I didn’t need for the three lessons before lunch. I looked at my timetable and map. I had Maths and English in Block A and then History in Block G. I looked at the map again. I was going to get lost here, I could just tell.

The first two lessons passed in a blur, they were just like any day at a new school. The teachers made me introduce myself to the class and made me sit next to a random person. I could feel the stares all through lesson. And I could hear the whispers. After the bell rang I ran out of the lesson. History was, better.

I walked into the classroom and the teacher turned around from writing on the board. ‘So you’re our new student? Why not introduce yourself to the class?’ he said smiling

‘Um, I’m Alexandria Morto, but call me Zandy or face the consequences,’ I joked and they laughed! ‘I’m sixteen and just moved here,’

‘Hi Zandy, I’m Mr Henry and yes, I am Irish.(A/N Heather, i just had to!) If you could just go sit over there by Skyler, I can begin the lesson,’ the teacher, Mr Henry, said and everyone laughed again. I walked over to the spare seat he pointed at and sat down.

After about ten minutes of note taking, I looked to the right at the person next to me, Skyler I think. I could have sworn I drooled. He was gorgeous! His hair was pure

black and the ends were a bright red. His skin was pale and flawless. In his left ear he had a black spike and I saw snakebites on his lip as well.

I think he could notice me staring as he turned his head slightly towards mine and looked at me quickly. All I can say is wow. His eyes were bright red and I couldn’t get them out of my mind. There was a thin line of black kohl around them making them stand out even more. I spent most the lesson looking at him and looking away if he ever looked up.

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