Chapter Eight

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Zaid joined Lottie by the rail. "Did you attack her?" he asked softly

"I poked her, not attacked her. She started it, telling me to stay away from you."

He smiled to look across the waters. "Like that was going to happen," he noted amused.

"I know, stupid woman."

"Charlotte," he warned.

Shaking her head, she slip her arm though his, leaning against him. "Can I throw her overboard?" she asked hopefully.


Biting back a smile, she rubbed her face against his arm. "You're no fun at all," she teased to sigh. She had never reacted like that before to anyone. She just brought the worst out of her. No-one came between her, and her sheikh. She shifted to lean against the rail to drink him up with her eyes. He tilted his head to watch her, placing a hand on her other side, so he was pressed up against her.

"I can't have you falling overboard, can I?" Smiling she placed a hand against his chest to trace down to the edged of the shirt.

"Do you ever take it off?" she asked to pull at.

"You want me to strip?"

"Just wondering, if this would see the sun again," her fingers skimmed his rock hard abs under his shirt, she had loosen from the pants.

"It's a dangerous game you're playing Charlotte," he warned softly. She looked up into his dark, deep eyes, devouring her.

She leaned in closer. "I want to kiss you," she breathed.

"Charlotte," he moaned, his leg pressed harder against her. "This is most unseemly behaviour," he said softly.

"I want to kiss you, and never stop. Call it a holiday fling," she dared.

"I would not, and you would be seen to, in private."

She arched a brow in interest, having no idea where this was coming from. All she knew was she wanted to kiss him. Kiss him forever. White caught her eye to moan. "Are you sure I can't?"


"No," he turned as Christine approached to be handed the phone to be taken, and greeted in Arabic. Straightening, he took hold of Lottie's hand, and walked away, taking her with him. They headed inside while Christine went back to the office.

Shutting down the phone, Zaid tossed it into a seat to guide Charlotte back into his arms. "Now what was that about wanting to kiss me and never stop?" he asked softly, lowering his dark head to brush her lips softly. Melting her into his arms, and hers around his neck. It had been far too long, since he had kissed her. Groaning, he urged her lips apart to deepen the kiss tasting her, teasing her moulding her body against him, she gasped at his reaction to hold him tighter, moving against him as they devoured each other hungrily. He eased back, breathing laboured, and chest heaving as was hers. "We are treading in dangerous waters princess," he said hoarsely.

"I don't care you belong to me," her arms tightened around his neck.

"Oh, do I now?" he teased. She nodded, finding her voice. Finally allowed to admit it openly to herself. Her feeling for this man. She loved him. It was that simple. At first she had been in awe of him, then admired, now loved him deeply that it was so easy to look after his needs.

"Yes you do, so now, I can go back to your side, where I belong, not that blond."

"Princess she's no threat to you," he stated rubbing her back. "You would always be at my side. Must I remind you, it was you who wanted to leave, not I?"

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