Stupid Kissable Irish Lads...

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Alba's POV

Shit, shit, shit, shit, fuck that wasn't planned!  My brain's races in circles- no, actually, it's more like spinning on the spot.  Frantically spinning on the spot until you feel sick - but you can't stop.

Just like you couldn't stop kissing Eoin Gallagher...I hastily shove that thought away as I dart through the last few trees, choking on my relief as I see the halfway house.  I scramble up the steps of the porch, insanely glad that Todd and Gordon have gone back inside.  I don't particulary want anyone to see me after I've just proved that I'm the exact same slut that Crusher made me into all those years ago.  I try to go up the stairs without making any noise, but the sound of my breathing is enough to alert every bloody wolf in a five mile radius that I'm here.

Great.  Absolutely freaking great.

"Alba?" Tristan asks hesitantly, leaning against the wall at the top of stairs.

"...Aye?" I reply when I realise I have nowhere to hide.  Is there ever any where you can hide when you're on a staircase??

"Are you alright?" He checks, looking me over quickly for any bruises.

"Y-yeah, I'm just grand, Trist." I stutter, trying not to think about the taste of Eoin in my mouth.  Why does the git have to taste so good?!

"Y'sure?  I saw Todd and Gordon out the front...what had 'em shifting?" I groan inwardly, looking around for a way past him.

"Erm, just...a supe..." I trail off, hoping that'll be enough to satisfy his curiosity.

"What sort of supe?" Tristan demands instantly, his eyes flashing.

"The supernatural kind of supe." I reply sarcastically and Tristan rolls his eyes.

I'll just go ask Gordon, he decides and it's my turn to roll my eyes.  I go up the last few stairs tiredly, trying not to think too much about what just happened in case anyone is listening in on my thoughts.  Like my mate.  Who I just two timed it even possible to cheat on your mate?! wasn't really's not like me and Eoin took it any further- I shake my head quickly, not wanting these thoughts.  These thoughts lead to those actions; the sort you live to regret for the rest of your life.

Or end up being the smartest thing you ever did, the little voice in my head breathes as I remember the feeling of Eoin's lips against mine.  Christ, my brain's such a traitor...and evidently up for a bit of two-timing.

"Alba?" Colin's frantic voice jerks me from my thoughts; I look up at him with wide eyes as I hop up the last step onto the landing.  How could I cheat on him?  He's my mate...he's meant to be my world.  And he is...he is my world; I can't picture my life now without him and his gorgeous accent in it.  What the fuck was I thinking letting Eoin get to me like that?!

"A-aye, Colin?" I try to sound calm and collected - like I'm not praying my mate doesn't ken I just pulled another lad - but even to me I sound uptight and anxious.

"Where did you go?" He demands, his eyes wide and worried.  "Ah woke up an' you were- you were gone!" He chokes, his voice strained.  Christ, I'm a bitch; whilst I was out there with Eoin, my mate was in my house going frantic over me missing.

"It's okay, Colin; I just went for a wee walk in the woods." I murmur as I lace my fingers through his, giving his hand a reassuring squeeze.

"I thought Crusher pulled the deadline forward..." He mumbles as he buries his face in my hair, wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me closer.  A lump rises in my throat as I peep up at him from under my lashes; he thought Crusher had taken me back...and he was worried.

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