Chapter 1-Confusion:

Morgue's POV

I wake up to the sound of my phone ringing."Who the hell is calling me at..."I check the clock by my bed,"8:24 a.m.?"I answer it,still half asleep.It was Todd.

"Hey,Morgue.Sorry to bother this early.I hope I didn't wake you up."

"Oh,uh no!No.I was-uh.I was already up,"I lied,"What's up?"

"Well,there's a new performer coming today,"he stated,"and I wanted you to be here when she arrives."

"That's cool.I'll be there in a few."

"Okay.Great!See you in a while."

"Bye."I said as I hung up.

I sighed as I got out of bed.Looks like I'm going in early today.Well,at least I get to do what I love the most;make people freak out,and puke.The thought of it makes me smile.

I head over to my dresser."Let's see...I have black shirts,white shirts,red shirts...f*** it."I grab my black button-up shirt and black pants.As I head to the bathroom I hear my phone ring again.

"Hello?"I say,completely irritated that I'm being bothered so early in the morning.

"Hi.I hope I'm not bothering you,"a warm,cheery voice says.It was Asia.

I immediately change my attitude."Oh.Hey,Asia."I say,surprised she actually called me,"What's going on?"

"Well,I wanted to see if you had any plans today.Maybe you,Marcus,Ali and I could go do something?You don't have to.But,it would be nice."

"Um uh,s-sure,"I manage to stutter.She never asked to hang out before.Why now?

"Great!See you later Morgue!"she said,obviously happy I said I'd go.


"Well,looks like I have plans today,"I say to myself.I still couldn't believe Asia asked me to hang out.Maybe it's a a special would've known if it was.Oh well.I'll find out later.

I walk into my bathroom and close the door."I wonder what the new performer is like,"I ask myself as I turn on the water to my shower.I don't care.All I care about right now,is a shower.


So,what do you think so far?Why did Asia ask Morgue to hang out?Feel free to guess.

Oh,and I'm going to let you guys name,give characteristics to,and give Freakshow type talents to the "new girl."The best one will be picked and that chapter where she first introduced will be deticated to the person who's descrpition thing I pick.

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