December 16th

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I was in chains. I couldn't move. I was trapped. It's hopeless. I will die here. I closed my eyes in despair and hoped to never wake up from this torture. I felt someone touch my body. I opened my eyes and found Chen looking at me. I closed my eyes again, "Jongdae ssi... Why are you torturing me?" Chen sighed and kissed me on the forehead. "When will you realize the truth..." He disappeared before I could say anything. I started to cry again, why is everything happening to me? First, I get cheated on, then I dragged Chen to a coma, now, I'm stuck in endless torture from depression and regret of what I have done for being selfish. I opened my eyes, Regret? I looked at my hands, this is not real... It's just the darkness in my heart. My feeling of being guilty shaped this. I pulled my arm with full force and the chains broke quickly. I broke free and started running. I found myself at the entrance of the maze. This is an illusion, I can shape my exit... I thought to myself confidently and ran in the maze. I ran on full speed and turned randomly.

I stopped and found myself in front of a door. I turned back and found the path that I came from disappeared. 'Ah... You finally have made progress. Congrats.' The voice hissed. "Who are you anyways? Come out from the shadows." I said. Suddenly, Chen appeared in front of me. 'Minseok hyung... Please stay by my side." I shook my head, "You are not Jongdae ssi... You are the darkness in my heart. Yes, I feel regret, but I can't hang on to the past forever. I need to let go." The scene changed and I found a light behind me. I turned around and found myself standing there. 'You finally understood the truth.' "You were the voice the whole time... You were me." I realized. 'The maze, was your confusion. The Chen you saw was your darkness. The me you see is your heart. You have finally left regret and moved on.' I nodded, "I just have to believe in fate... Miracles will happen, Jongdae ssi will be back before I know it!" The me nodded and smiled, 'That's the spirit! Now, you should return and take care of Jongdae ssi.' I nodded and ran into the light and back to the real world... A tear fell from my eye as I left.

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