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My life is pretty fun and I have great people around me. Shirazu, Urie, Mutsuki and Saiko; they're all great in their own ways and I'd do anything to protect them. Just like how I'd do anything to stay in a dream for one day. Even if it was just one grim reminder of her grace.

It's funny how I'm turned on by a girl that's made up all in my mind instead of the waitress down at Re:. But there's something in me that's so attracted to the made up girl. Her long hair and the way it bounced when she walked. I wasn't sure what it was. Her bright smile or her stainless skin that was so pure and untouched.

The touch of her skin was so smooth, it felt so real. It was as if she was real and was beside me. Those big (e/c) eyes of hers was so breath taking I would wake up with Saiko pumping my chest yelling, "Don't die in your sleep Haise! You're not an old man yet!"

Every moment I would spend awake, I would want to spend asleep. I was always greeted with white light and a girl with a beige long skirt and pink crop top when my eyes closed. Her arms were spread apart and she would run up to me only to fall right through me. Her white smile and kind innocent eyes were all hypnotizing. I would fall for her beautiful trap and wake up with my hand on my heart gasping. She was truly a queen and she was doing a magnificent job reining over my heart; telling me what to feel and when to feel them.

I wanted to so badly just stay asleep forever and say words to her to test if she would reply. Today was the day I would have a conversation with her. I would tell her how I felt because it's a dream girl. I can make her accept me because I know she's my girl.

I know she's my girl because she's my dream girl.

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