December 14th

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I headed out to the mall on a snowy afternoon. I saw Kai there as well, inside a shoe store. He was looking for dance shoes. The K members have continued to perform around different stages while us M members moved on and relaxed only going on acting careers when a spot is available for us. I walked into a bookstore to find a book to buy and read. I couldn't find one and left the store for the park. 11 more days until Christmas... I was starting to wonder what I should buy for all the members. I sat down on a chair and thought about it for a long time. A person walked by and looked at me, "Excuse me, are you an idol? You look very familiar..." I was about to say something when someone knocked me out.... I fell to the ground and blacked out.

I woke up groaning. I sat up and found myself sitting on a path. I looked behind me and found a opening. I walked over only to find a barrier between it. I banged the barrier hard, "What's going on here?? Let me go!" 'Welcome to the maze of doom, Kim Minseok or... should I say, Xiumin.' A voice said. "What do you want from me?!" I screamed. 'This maze is designed for people who are lost, and lonely. Those who think they shouldn't exist anymore end up here.' "I never said that I don't want to exist anymore! Is THIS a JOKE?!" I said. 'If you do want to exist, why are you here? You are depressed and confused with your life, Minseok. You are bound to escape if you were to realize the truth, but you haven't. For now, you are stuck here, you will never escape.' I cover my ears and started running, "I will get out of here! I will return to my world!" The person chuckled, 'Good luck trying to, Xiumin.'

I ran all over the place and found myself ending back at where I was. This isn't going to work, I said to myself. I started to make a track so I can now which place went and continued on. I found myself going around endless places and finally I stepped to a open space. I looked around and found the place just like the place I started. I walked to another path and stood there. I have walked in a circle... I fell to my knees... All the progress... I was just going in circles. 'Giving up yet?' The voice came in. "I'm not giving up that easily." I growled. 'Well, you are lost anyways. No matter how long you walk, you will just end up back in the beginning. There is no escape.' "When I find my way out, you're gonna be sorry!" I yelled as I got up. The voice didn't reply and the maze was silent again. I continued on my way.

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