Chapter One - Embrace

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Chapter One ~ Embrace

I slipped into my Snoopy pajamas, feeling the texture of the soft pants that were more for winter because of how thick they were. I wore them anyways, I was always cold because of my anemia, one symptom of that happened to be that I was always cold, summer or winter. The tank top I wore with the pants though made me shiver, and then I realized that the window to my bedroom was open. Spinning on my heels, I walked over to the larger of the two windows and shut it as tight as I could, not even a breath of wind could get through that. Before I went to bed though, I needed to take care of my personal hygine, so I trotted off to the bathroom just across the hall from my room.

I picked up my blue tooth brush, brushing my teeth for at least a minute and then rinising out with some mouthwash. While inspecting my teeth, I heard a crash from my room as if something had broken. "Mitzy?" I called, wondering if my cat had gotten into my room. "Mitzy?" I repeated, putting away my tools and slowly walking back to my bedroom. Fear was beginning to crawl over me now, I was never one to be good with scary things that popped out of no where, or as people called it now, jumpscares. Those were the only things that legitly scared me, anything else was just a blow off.

My hand gripped the doorknob to my room, jiggling it, as I creaked the door open a bit more to peak inside. To my amazement, I saw nothing, no one would come and kill me tonight - Or so I thought. "Mitzyyy?" I slurred, squinting my eyes into the darkness to look for any movement. There was none. I could see right by my bed that my unicorn statue had been shattered to pieces, all different shards of the hardened clay thrown around. Yes, I liked unicorns - Loved them. That statue just happened to be my favorite one, with a black coat and silvery-blue whisps of hair that was glittered, I had earned it from my best friend, Asher. I opened the door all the way, walking straight towards the pieces of shattered unicorn, feeling the tears string behind my eyes. Cold crept over me again, and I turned my gaze to the window. It was open. I swore that I had just shut it before I went to go brush my teeth, so now not only was I terribly saddened, but distrest with this feeling that someone was going to swing an ax and murder me. Walking over to the window again, I bit my lip, doing my best not to cry about the damned unicorn that I loved so much.

Click. I heard my bedroom door shut behind me. I gripped the windowstill hard, too scared to even look at who was behind me, too scared to even move. A dark, deep voice bellowed lowly, "What's the matter? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to push your little unicorn off the nightstand." The voice said sarcastically, ending with a chuckle. I heard footsteps as the person, obviously a man by the sound of his voice, crept foward in a steady motion. A small sigh escaped my lips as my mind tried to process what was happening, and the possible outcomes if she turned around.

"Turn." The man hissed, low by my ear, and I could feel the hairs on the back of my neck standing up in fear. Did I dare? I guessed now I had no choice. Slowly, my arms slid back down to my side, and I slowly turned around as if a police officer was confronting me. Only did I wish that it was a police officer, but this was the exact opposite.

When I looked up, I saw a face that I knew all too well. The pale, white skin that I knew felt like the leather from a cow, smooth. Those blackened eyes, where flames were once lit to burn away the eyelids so he could eternally look at himself. His signature smile, where a knife had carved from one end of his face to the other, even if he was sad he couldn't stop smiling. The image was burned into my head, and instantly I realized the man standing in front of me. The dark strands of hair that messily covered his face. Jeff the Killer.

"You!" I squealed, and I swore that I saw an actual flicker of surprise in Jeff's eyes, probably not expecting me to be so casual. "I know you!" Howling it, I suddenly tackled Jeff, and he was so distracted by my unnatural reaction that I was able to catch him off guard without him stabbing me. We crashed onto the floor, my body landing on top of his with a loud thump! I quickly scrawled into position, buckling my legs on both sides of Jeff, my hands clentched around his wrists and holding them down. A wide smile, though not nearly as wide as Jeff's smile, was spread across my face. "You're Jeff the Killer!"

Jeff snarled, obviously irritated. "So, you've heard of me?" All of a sudden I was thrown off of him, flung onto the floor, and next Jeff towered over me just the way I had did to him. "Good, then I guess you know how I kill my victims." He mused lowly, a ting of amusement in his voice. I felt him release one of my wrists, but then there was something worse. The tip of his blade grazed my cheek, cutting into the first few layers of my skin, just breaking to the blood beneath. Even though there was blood dripping on my cheek and staining my floor, I didn't even yelp or call for help, I just bit my tongue. I could tell this made Jeff only angrier.

"Scream for me." He snarled, but I shook my head, still grinning as wide as I could. If Jeff could actually frown, I bet he would be doing so now.

"Why aren't you scared?" He growled at me, inspecting how not even my eyes, the window to the soul, was cringed in fear.

"You're freaking Jeff the Killer!" I answered happily.

"Exactly. I'm a killer, a murderer, you should fear me." Jeff snapped back.

"But I don't, I love you Jeff!" I mused in a high-pitched voice, much like a five year old girl.

"You love me?" Jeff laughed, a manaic laughter that could make anyone piss themselves. "That's the stupidest thing you've said yet."

"Maybe it is stupid, but it's true!"

"You've been reading too many goodie-good stories about me."

"Oh really?"

"I know," He paused, "if you want to know the real me, then come with me. If not, well, then I'll slit your throat and carve a cute smile into your face."

Well, that was quick. "Of course I'll go with you Jeff!" I squealed at the top of my lungs, uber excited.

"Are you sure you're up for it?" He hissed, annoyed that I didn't let him slit my throat instead.

"Yes, now get off of me!" Flailing my arms and legs, I heard Jeff chuckle darkly.

"You amuse me. You have no idea what you just agreed to." That made me twinge a bit. Leaving my home? I didn't care much for my parents, but my cat and hamster would be lonely, as well as my little brother! Too late now.

Jeff rolled off of me, standing up quickly before I could even sit up. "Let's go, and please, try to keep up. It would be a pain in the ass if I had to drag you or carry you the entire way." He muttered as he began to get nearer to the window, from of which he entered from. That's when I realized that I was still wearing my Snoopy pajamas with my tank top, looking like a complete idiot. I got up onto my feet, and looked around my room. "Wait! Can't I take some of my stuff?!" I shouted at him, but he only shook his head. "Idiot, you're not going for vacation, you're in for hell!" He laughed, slipping out of my window and onto my roof, beckoning me with his hand. Oh shit. I took my black hoodie, and ran towards my window. "Wait up!" I called, clumsily slipping out my window. By the time I got out onto my roof, Jeff was already below me on the ground, waiting for me to jump down. I peeked over my shoulder to see my dark room, and right before I did jump down, I saw a pair of glowing eyes.

Goodbye, Mitzy

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