Broken Arrow (Part II to Never Too Late) - (Clint & Natasha)

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Broken Arrow (Part II to Never Too Late) - (Clint & Natasha)

Clint’s gaze stayed on Natasha from where he was standing, and hers from where she was sitting long after the song had played. Tony was screaming “Another! Another!” an encore of people joining in with him and clapping along. Blasted Tony. So soon, it was no surprise he was playing another.

 He didn’t know why he’d chosen the next song, he didn’t know why it was the first to mind, but once he started strumming the chords, it was too late to turn back.

 “da da do, da da do, dad a do, do do do, dad a do, da da do, do do do do do, da da do, ad a do, dad a do do do.

 He looked at Tony

“This time he's gonna wear an iron suit

 He looked at Natasha

This time she's gonna fix her heart and make it bullet proof

He looked at Bruce

He says he's gonna take a bite from the forbidden fruit

 He looked at Pepper

She says never, never bite more than you can chew

 He looked at Steve

But this time he's not gonna be another could've been

 He looked towards Natasha

This time she's gonna get real, love the skin she's in ~He smiled at her for a second~

She says a winner never quits quitters never win

She said this time that she is built to face anything

 He looked down at his guitar

This time he's gonna step for who he is

Then back at Tash, the emotion flickering in his eyes.

This time she's gonna live to work, she's not working to live

He says just because you say it's true, it don't mean it is

She says it seems too good to be true, well then it probably is

This time he's hell bent yeah he's heaven bound

This time she's gonna pick herself up no more breaking down

He says he's gonna turn the wheel, turn this shit around

She says if he's looking for love then she don't want to be found

 Natasha looked at him, she had been from the beginning, but to him she now just looked mesmerized at the truth of the lyrics.

When you shoot across the sky like a broken arrow

It's so hard to keep yourself on the straight and narrow

When you shoot across the sky like a broken arrow

You fall off course,

Yeah when you hit the ground

It's hard to get to heaven when you're born hell bound

 He looked down at his guitar, stepping away off onto his back foot momentarily while playing the guitar during the break in lyrics. Natasha looked at him still, he looked up at her, the pain of his own past burning in his eyes, she knew he was re-living those childhood years at the moment, she was proud of him to be singing about such a personal subject to him, even if it was only the two of them that knew he was relating the song to it. He stepped back to the mike.

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