New experiences

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Levy P.O.V

I woke up panting.

"Lu-chan!" I shouted subconsciously. My hand felt around.

Who placed me in a bed?

"I see you are up Shrimp." Gajeel walked into the bedroom leaning on the doorway.

"I had a bad dream that Lucy was in the hospital." Holding my head I began to climb out from the bed. Gajeel's face dropped.

"Get in the car." He ordered without another word.

Lucy P.O.V

I fluttered my eyes opened and took a look around. I tried to sit up but a sharp pain strikes my side.

"Oh yeah." I mumbled to myself. No once was in the room. I'm in the infirmary.

Oh no! I still need to perform that's in a week.

I adjusted myself up once more accidentally knocking down a  lamp next to me. I jumped as it shattered into pieces.

"I think I heard something!" A familiar voice resembling Natsu's hollered from the other side of the closed door.

"Baka! Don't shout!" A voice sounding like Erza scolded even though shouting herself.

"Juvia agrees."

"Let's go see then." Gray suggested and the door slowly opened.

The first person I saw was Natsu who didn't waste time to tackle me into a hug.

"Ow!" I reminded about my wound. He backed off of me. But turned around signaling for the rest of the gang to give us space.

"Does is hurt?" I rolled my eyes."No because stitches are sooo relaxing." He pouted at my sarcastic comment.

His hand slid up my jaw and he pulled me in gently.

"Natsu no-" but it was too late for he silenced me with his lips.

I started panicking.

His soft lips were intoxicating but his hand soon head towards my neck and breathing became harder.

I jerked my head back.

His gaze changed to anger.

"I thought I said to stay away from him." He gripped my neck with his other hand. I closed my eyes in attempt to endure the pain.

"Na-tsu" I choked eager for at least an evil Natsu to find his sanity.

His eyes scanned my body stopping at my bandage that wrapped around my stomach. Shocked, he let go off me.

He crossed his arms and huffed.

"No one said to go and hurt yourself." He rolled his eyes.

"It was to save the girl you were looking for from killing herself." I retorted and his eyes went wide. Unfolding his arms he looked at me in sympathy.

"It seems the boy can't keep away from you anyway." He smirked combing his hand through his hair. I chuckled blushing lightly.

I looked up to notice a blush on his face too.

Could it be? Evil Natsu had feelings too?

"Of course I have feelings!" I shrieked.

He can read minds!

"I can't read minds. Your an open book just looking at your facial expressions baka." He tapped the top of my head.

"And don't refer me as an Evil version of Natsu anymore." He shooed with his hand. I cocked my head to the side confused.

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