[Chapter Seventeen]

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"I hope you're ready for the fall and what's to come,

We smash ourselves, 

 Live fast and break it all for the ones,

Stand by me, through all we see."

--"The Cali Buds."


 My days since recovering had been used up between both of Helena's children.      

 If it was not one, it was the other. Cris would let me accompany him while he would play pretend in his secret hide-out. I never once imagined how strong a child's mind could be, but as I sat on their back porch watching him punch the air and run quickly across the lawn I realised just how easy they could use their imagination.      

 When Cris was punished, or he was forced to clean his room I was busy helping Helena with Blake. Naturally, I was not as good at handling him as she was but I wanted to get better. While Helena would fix a few things around the house I was left with him. He would usually sleep in my arms but if he was just woken up he easily became angsty very quickly. Then I would have to count on what I had believed he needed: whether it was food, a diaper change, or even just a toy of his.

 I was now sitting in a kitchen chair, holding onto Blake as he teethed on his toy. Helena was making dinner, since both Luc and Jakob were off fixing something. When I had asked Luc was they were doing every day he told me it was a secret, though I knew it had something to do with tools since they carried them here and there every day.      

 Helena knew but, as she said, she was not obliged to tell me. It only made me even more curious but I did not let it dwindle too much on my mind.      

 "Helena, how many months were you pregnant with your children?" I shifted Blake on my lap as he began to drool all over his toy.      

 Helena was cooking the vegetables in a pot as I asked this, she slowly turned around to face me when she answered. "I believe I was five months pregnant with Cris as I had him, but with Blake I was seven months. It honestly depends on how fast the baby develops and how ready your body is. Our bodies easily adapt to changes, so we have early pregnancies than humans do. You usually know how many months you have left after four and it is fairly easy to know the moment you will be going into labor once you feel the baby shift itself upside down."      

 I nodded my head, "How many months do you think I will have?"      

 Helena frowned, then stirred the pot once more before turning back to me. "I think you will need the full nine months, since you are only a human. But you might have the baby sooner, we will not know for sure. My best guess is to talk to a doctor, or maybe a human whon has also barred a vampire's child."      

 "But it wont be that easy will it, finding someone like me." I looked down at Blake's smiling face, and could not help but smile also. Helena stood by me, then knelt down placing a hand on my shoulder.      

 "That is true, it is very rare that you will find a vampire and human mating, usually because if that were to happen the human would have been changed by then. Humans are extremely fragile and they easily become friendly with death. Aside from that some vampires believe that they are better than humans and do not wish to mingle with them. They also do not support a human-vampire relationship, though it is perfectly legal. If you ask me, I think what you and Luc have is beautiful." She smiled at me.      

 Smiling back, I shifted Blake's body in my arms as he started to grow anxious. "Thank you, Helena."      

She waved it off, turning back to the stove. "It is nothing."      

 "No, no." I insisted. "I really mean it; for everything."      

 She dropped the spoon in the pot, "Drat." She said, frowning. "Nadia if you keep me so preoccupied with your lovely apologies I wont be able to finish this meal before the men come back."      

 Though I had asked earlier where Luc and Jakob went, I was tempted to ask again. Seeing as how I barely have a filter on my mouth, I ended up asking anyway.   Helena was silent for a long moment then replied with, "Jakob said they had some work to do for an old neighbor of ours. Seeing as how the economy has depleted the last few weeks before this whole incident I assume my husband is trying to get in an extra supply of money by home-work."      

 I figured it was a reasonable excuse for their absence but as the clock was now ticking down, I could not help but question it.      

 Would it take them this long just to fix a home, or do some dirty work?    

The front door had opened with a creak and no later did both Jakob and Luc make their way into the kitchen. Jakob made his way over to where his wife stood to give her a small peck, followed by him taking Blake from me and greeting him as well. Soon, even Cris joined in on the presence of his father as he clung to his leg.      

 Smiling at their family moment, I let my eyes trail to Luc as he stood against the counter watching me with his arms crossed over his chest. His blond hair was practically gleaming under the kitchen lights, daring me to run my fingers through it.    

 He smirked as if he could read my thoughts, then walked towards where I was seated. Crouching down in front of me he let his fingers draw circles on my cheek as he asked me how my day was.    

 "It was slow, but we managed to talk and help prepare tonight's meal." He smiled at me, then gave me a quick kiss before standing back up again.    

 Jakob ushered his wife away for a moment as he went to put his tools away as well, while Luc and I set the table.    

 Cris was not an easy feat as we tried hopelessly to put him in his high-chair. He tried bargaining with us first, stating his mother would never put him in this anyway then he became frustrated and started throwing a tantrum. Holding a squiring Blake in my arms, I grabbed his bottle and gave it to him while I watched Luc deal with Cris.    

 He was nearly gripping his hair with force, once Helena and Jakob resumed their place in the room. She walked languidly, a blank expression on her face while she scooped up Cris and quickly strapped him into his seat. He huffed once, then stopped his struggles.    

 Jakob grabbed the steaming pot and set it in the middle of the table as we all took our seats before grabbing the ladle and pouring some stew into our bowls. It tasted lovely and was a quick fix for dinner. Soon enough we were full to explosion, then Helena and I grabbed everyone's utensils and began washing them while the men started to talk in the family room. Cris made his way back into his room and Blake was already in his crib sleeping away.    

 Helena did not say much at dinner and now while she was washing the dishes she was eerily quiet. I had feared that she had an arguement or fight with Jakob while away, which would give her this silence.    

 "Is everything all right?" I asked, taking a glance at her before I continued scrubbing.      

 She still barely say a thing and by then I was done with her shy mood. Dropping the dish and brush into the soapy waters I fully turned towards her and placed my hand on her shoulder. "Helena. . ."    

 Loud banging from the front door interrupted my sentence, following by a vase being thrown across the family room. Luc quickly leaped over the couch before darting towards me and grabbing my hand in his.    

 "We must go, now!" He urged, pulling my body towards him.    

 By now the front door of their little home was kicked down, leaving three men with guns in their hands looking straight at us. It was obvious that they worked for the royal family, but before I even knew it Luc had scooped me up into his arms and started running towards the back door.  

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