December 11th

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*flashback continues* (After the accident)

I sat there the whole night. The rest of the members didn't bother me and left me alone after visiting Chen for an hour. He... almost lost his life. Now, he was in a coma. After another hour passed, I finally bought my body over to the room. I didn't walk in, just stood there. There he was, lifeless and sleeping. I found tears starting to form and I let them fall. The image of the accident came back into my mind and I felt pain. My knees sank to the floor and I broke down.

Weeks passed, he still didn't wake up... I visited him everyday and placed flowers on his bed. I felt a little better because all the members had comforted me through the weeks and told me that Chen was going to be okay and to stay strong. I sat with him for hours until visiting times were over. Every night, the scene flashed back and forth in my nightmares and forced me to not be able to sleep and cry every night. This is an incident I would never forget... Regret will linger in my heart forever. If only I could turn back time...

That day... November 30th. I went to see him as usual carrying flowers when I walked to the door. I dropped my bouquet of flowers... There he was... Sitting on his bed and staring at me. "Jongdae... You're awake!!" I said and ran over to him and hugged him tightly. He didn't say anything and looked at me confused. At first I didn't notice until I let go and looked at him. Something was off... His eyes... It didn't feel the same.

"Amnesia...?" I repeated the words. "Yes, he had suffered from a blow towards the head and that was the main cause of this." The doctor said. "Will... he be... ok?" I asked. The doctor sighed, "We don't know. The only way to help him is to be around him, show him anything you guys did together to trigger his memory." "Trigger his memories..." I repeated... I was all my fault, I have to repay for what I have done to my friend... No... My soulmate... My love. For what I've done, I will live in the blink of despair and depression.

*flashback ends*

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