Chapter 12

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After quite some time, Louis finally got out of the men's bathroom that evening and ate his food, even if he stayed quiet the whole night with his phone in his hand. Well, I couldn't say anything about it though, because I did the exact same thing, except that I didn't have my phone. Instead, I was staring down at my half-eaten chicken with rice, waiting for the time to pass quickly so we could go home.

There was no question it that mum and Troy were concerned about the two of us, even more now after the scene they had witnessed. They kept sending worrying glances between the two of us, but didn't say anything, something I was happy about. The evening had definitely not gone as they first planned, and it seemed like they had accepted that and dropped the mission of bringing me and Louis closer together. Well, at least for now.

As for Gemma, she had this guilty look on her face throughout the whole dinner. She was aware that she was the cause of the fight between me and Louis, something she probably wasn't very proud of. Obviously, she hadn't thought it through what she was going to say before she did, and well, this was the outcome of that. Louis and I didn't so much as look at each other for the rest of the night thanks to what happened.

Although I wanted to be mad at Gemma for revealing that she knew of Louis and I's friendship, I couldn't help but feel as if it had been a good thing in the end. Not that I liked the fight Louis and I had, but it at least got me thinking again. I was finally one step closer to finding out what made him abandon me two years ago.

And that was what kept me up that night. My mind was spinning with different scenarios of what possibly could've made Louis leave, of what I did to make him leave, that is. But I couldn't come up with anything. The only thing I could think of was that Liam and I had started becoming friends at the time and that he was jealous of him, but that couldn't be it, right? Why would he even be jealous of Liam? It wasn't like he actually enjoyed me as a friend so much that he would get jealous of me being friends with other people, would he?

With those thoughts on my mind, I eventually fell into a very light sleep. I woke up at least five times, Louis' words still repeating in my head.

"What did you ever do to me, huh? If you actually had a brain or some shit in your head, you would know. You would know how fucking awful I felt at the time, how much I just needed someone, but of course you didn't. You were too busy with your own shit."


When I walked into school the next day, I was feeling rather down. My head hung low as I dragged my feet against the floor, my backpack thrown over my shoulder lazily, as if I couldn't care less about anything. It was quite unusual for me not to be excited when I walked through these hallways in the morning. I was usually a person who enjoyed school and going to all of my lessons. Hell, I even liked the atmosphere in here.

However, that was not the case today. After everything that had taken place last evening, I couldn't even so much as bring a smile on my face. Louis hadn't even bothered to throw me his infamous glares at breakfast this morning. He had just sat there, staring at nothing, literally. His eyes were blank, no spark in them whatsoever.

To be honest, I didn't really know why I was feeling so down. I mean, why should the fight between me and Louis affect me this much? None of our previous ones had done before, so I didn't know what was so special about this one. Maybe it was because this fight had to do with our friendship two years ago? No matter what, this was not how I usually acted after a fight between the two of us, and that was a fact.

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