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Dedicated to butterflytattoo because you are an amazing writer and an incredible friend, ilysm! x

I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN TOLD, 'be careful what you wish for,' ... but the way I see it, wishing has no limits - you can wish for absolutely anything your heart desires. So why be careful? Why be careful when there are no boundaries when it comes to making a wish?

On your birthday when you blow out the candles on your cake, you're told to make a wish. As a young girl, it was things like wanting to become a princess or a ballerina that you would typically think of. Of course your younger self owned lots of princess and ballerina costumes and that was enough - you were dressed as your wish, and your childish mind and heart leaped with joy at the fact that your birthday wish had - to some extent - come true.

As a teenager, you are still told to make a wish when blowing out the candles. Being in a negative, grumpy state of mind is common during adolescent years, so you think of things like winning the lottery, getting a new phone, finding a boyfriend or girlfriend - anything that will make you happy. Of course, things like fitting in, looking a certain way or even wanting to excel in certain subjects are things every teenager dreams of ... but wishes and dreams seem like such a long way away.

Even as an adult, you are told to dream and wish for your heart's desire. Instead of blowing out candles, you simply hope - hope to win the lottery or get a job that will pay you well enough to help you get through life. The idea of wishing is almost dead - you know that only so much can come from saying the words, 'I wish...'

For me, wishing always seemed like a childish, petty excuse - a way of telling yourself that no matter what, there is always a chance, hope and everything will be OK. So one night, when you have the perfect opportunity to make a wish, what do you do? Do you wish for something or keep telling yourself that nothing will come from it? Luckily for me, I did the right thing - I made a wish and boy I'm glad that I did.

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