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"The most identifying trait of humanity is our ability to be inhumane to one other." - Dean Koontz

A blizzard roared outside the stadium, snow hissed down getting dragged in the angry currents of the wind that slapped off the windows. Sweat prickled on my forehead from the intense heat inside the confinement and I curled my fists wincing at the raucous inhuman sounds coming from up ahead. The steel gate barely as clean as it was when the trial first began three hours ago. Blood now stained it just like all my peers who past by with horror stricken faces, some withheld their emotions but I knew deep down that they were regretting ending the life of their lifelong partner.

Dust shook again from the ceiling and I was so tempted to turn around and leave except I knew I couldn't. I was stuck here, in-between two of my peers and my partner who stood beside me. Never once glancing at me since the announcement of the trial came over the intercom.

I didn't want to glance at her either, but my will was weak and I stared at her yet again for the second time this night. I eyed her wondering how I could kill someone, someone I called my best friend and grew up with especially in front of the hundreds of tribe members watching. She shifted uncomfortably under my hawk like gaze and I sighed turning away knowing she wasn't going to sway and talk to me.

A sullen smile came on my face.

I wonder when she decided that she was going to kill me.

I awoke from my trance when the metal gate was pulled up again. The tension could be cut with a knife and I stared at my peer who past by with his head down. His eyes I knew were filled with regret at what he just did, the blood forever now stained his hands and washing them would never get rid of the memory, nor the guilt.

My eyes stared as the next pair went and Renee and I now were next giving us a perfect view into the stadium. I withheld back the gasp at the sight of the mutilated body of the earlier participants partner. Blood dragged after the dead weight as one of the tribe warriors dragged it off fully intent on throwing it in the body pit.

I shuddered preparing myself for what's to come. Unclenching and reclenching my fists cracking each and every one of my knuckles to contain my anxiousness. My mouth quickly becoming dry at the thought of even hurting my best friend, shit, I was so weak compared to her. She seemed to be handling this better than every one else here and I was the Alphas daughter, a name I loathed since I didn't exactly count him as my dad.

"Scout?" Renee whispered and I flinched in fright turning to face her staring down at her in slight curiosity. My brows furrowing when she seemed to be still avoiding my eyes and was ruminating about something.

I bit my lip. "Yeah?"

She faced me giving such a cold and calculating look that I almost believed that this wasn't her. Except, I knew it was. A deep frown formed on my face and I became nervous under her gaze wondering if our friendship was all a game to her. Did I not mean anything to her any more? The countless nights we stayed up sharing stories about the outside world, played over in my head like a movie.

Did they not mean anything either?

Maybe I was thinking too much, she was smarter than me. Maybe she had something up her sleeve?

Still, I dreaded her next words.

"Don't think for a second that just because you're my best friend that I'll go easy on you," She leaned closer to me and gave me a glare. "The second I get the chance, you're dead, got it!"

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