Misty Winter (On Hold)

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So what! My names Misty, people have even weirder names then Misty, but sadly for me I've gotta be the only one with a weird name in school!

Most people joke at my name but I scare them off, lets say I'm a bully and really rude at this school, I dont have any friends and no boyfriend, people are that scared of me!

I act sweet around hot boys but they always run, I'm the second prettiest girl in school, the first is Daisy Hampers, Lets say a dump blonde. We go to a talented high school, Like the one on Victorious but real and more normal, I hear girls say that I look, sound and act alot like Jade. I dont see it.

I'm a singer, actor and a model. Daisy thinks she is better then me, she only go in because her father is filthy rich, she has no talent, she wants to auditon for a musical out of school, I know she will fail. The musical is Beauty and the Beast.

What happens when I get a new bestfriend? What happens when I get my first real boyfriend?

Find Out In Misty Winter!



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