Pecan Gap, Texas

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I slid down the driver’s side door of our black SUV and leaned my head back. We had just finished checking our third empty gas station today and to be honest I was starting to get extremely frustrated. It was three o' clock in the afternoon and we were currently in Pecan Gap, Texas at a Jiffy Lube trying to fill our red gas tanks, but to no avail, the place was already bone dry. We should be fine on gas for another few days because we still had ¾ of a tank left in the SUV and two red gas containers filled in the back, but I still didn’t like risking it. I'm not a big risk taker, especially when it comes to my family.

           The sun was beating down hard on my sweaty face, so I swiftly got up and dusted off my torn up jeans. I opened the door to the air conditioned SUV and all my siblings were giving me worried glances, even 5 year old Gracy.  I looked at her and thought about how mature she was for her age, unfortunately.  But I guess if you saw all the things she has you wouldn’t be in the back seat playing with baby dolls, oblivious to the hell hole you were living in. Then I looked to my 12 year old sister Della. She was also way to mature for her age, she didn’t really have a choice, none of us did. Ever since Della turned 10, Ren and I have been training her to fight and defend herself and I guess we didn’t do too bad of a job because she can shoot a gun like she’s been in the Marines for years and can use a Machete like a Samurai. Next I looked to the only man we had in are family since are father died, 16 year old Ren. Honestly I have no idea what I’d do without him. If he weren’t here I’d have no one to Spar with whenever we settled down in a place for a while or someone to strategize with whenever we would raid Mini Marts.

Out of the four of us Ren and I looked the most alike with dark green eyes and long chocolate brown hair like dad, while Della had the same brown hair but with Moms big brown eyes. And Gracy was a spitting image of Mom. As I thought of our mom I couldn’t help but be sucked into the memory of that agonizing day one year ago. The day I killed our mother.

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- Dawn Marie

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