Aquarius (f) x Leo (m)

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This was requested! ^-^ I hope you like this!
Aquarius x Leo

Aquarius pulled back her long, silky, blue hair. She felt the soft pillows surround her body, and she smiled. "Feels like I'm floating.." she murmured. Her eyes were then covered by soft hands. "Aqua..." Aquarius was a bit surprised. Leo rarely came to see her while she was in her room. His hands slowly landed on her shoulders, and removed her robe. "You don't you...?" Aquarius turned a light shade of pink, but shook her head. She smiled at the man before her. "No..and I know what you mean.."

Leo blushed and coughed. " tell me when you wanna star-" Aquarius had then pushed herself against him and smashed her lips on his. Leo's strong arms wrapped around her waist and he closed his eyes. He landed on her soft bed as she lied on top of him. His hands slowly started to remove her robe, and she shivered a bit. She bit his lips softly, and he grabbed her bottom. Turning their positions, he slowly started removing the rest of her clothes, leaving her in only her bottom wear. He trailed soft butterfly kisses down her neck, his sharp fangs ever so slightly grazing her soft skin.

Aquarius let out a soft moan and he rubbed her breast. She started removing his own clothing. Leo grabbed her legs, and rubbed his shaft against her core, getting light moans from the water bearer. He grabbed her breast, and started sucking on it. Aquarius closed her eyes and bit her lip. She didn't like giving her partner satisfaction, so she definitely wasn't going to allow herself to give it now.

Leo started pinching the other and slipped her wear off while she slipped his off. Her hands softly ran through his hair as he continued fondling her chest. "Leo...~" she moaned, and she regretted it the second she felt him smirk against her breast. He bit her chest a bit and she winced in delight as he started getting a bit rough with her body. Her body was soon left with small love bites and she gasped as he rubbed her core again. She closed her eyes and bit her lip yet again. He continued rubbing her, and his eyes were only filled with lust.

Virgo rolled her eyes. She left her books in Aquarius' room and just as she was about to get up, Taurus pulled her away quickly. "COOK FOR ME VIRGO!!" The young lady rolled her eyes again. "I'll get my book in a bit."

Aquarius moaned again as Leo had slowly pushed himself into her. He started moving a bit and she covered her face with one of her pillows. Slowly, he started thrusting, as he didn't want to be too quick and end this. Aquarius' moans filled the dimly lit room, and Leo started going a bit faster. "Mnn...Aquarius..."

Soon, he started shoving into her quickly yet gently, since he was well mannered unlike some other signs. Aquarius moaned loudly, and started panting slowly.

Leo released his seed into her, but nevertheless continued.

"We this more often..."

"Oh~..? Someone likes-"

"Shut it kitty..."

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