Leo (m) x Libra (f)

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Leo x Libra

Leo lied down on his bed and sighed. He felt exhausted after today's exhibition and he didn't want to do anything else than sleep. He felt his eyes get heavy, and soon drifted off to sleep. But after a few minute of it, he awoke with a jolt. "Gaaah...damn it!! Just when I want to sleep I can't?!?" he whispered in an angry tone. He simply stared at the body next to him before screeching, "WH-WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE LIBRA?!" Libra smirked at him. "H'm...well...nothing really...although your manners need some...improvement.."

Leo felt a vien pop into his head. "Pfft...I'm Leo! I'm as perfect as Virgo! I jus-"

"I'd have to disagree." Libra chuckled. Leo sulked and this resulted in the other spirit laughing again. Leo looked to the side and tried his best to avoid eye contact with Libra. Libra slowly approached him. "Leoooo..~" she cooed. "You can't stay mad at me, right...?" Leo felt himself turn a bit pink and looked at her.

He suddenly felt her hands land over his eyes and she licked his ear. "..." Leo simply blushed darkly as she giggled softly. "So cute..." she muttered flirtishly. He felt her softly suckle at his neck and he bit his lip. He knew Libra was the flirt type but he never knew she'd be the type to..do certain things. She slowly led him to his bed, and pinned him down. She looked at him with lust in her eyes. Leo sweatdropped. She was completely overtaken by lust. "I'll teach you...pleasureful manners Leo..." She kissed his lips as her hands traveled down his chest. She tied his hands and Leo realized that in this situation, he would NOT be the king. She was. She had full control of this and he couldn't do anything due to all his blushing. She removed his top clothing and left kisses down his well-toned chest. His muscles almost chisled. She licked his abs, and he shuddered feeling her warm tongue. To him, it felt cold. She smiled at him as she licked her lips, and he couldn't imagine what she'd do next. She slowly removed his pants, and she smiled at him. "You're excited...~"

Leo turned redder and redder. He had never felt this way. He was full of pride and always boosting with confidence. But then a certain scales spirit comes in, starts doing stuff to his body, and gets him all embarrassed. His breath hitched as be felt her warm mouth suck on his member. "Oh my..." he murmured. Libra smirked, and continue pleasuring her partner. She sucked and sucked while he moaned and moaned.

Aries, coming home from practicing, was about to enter Leo's room to shout at him that the fire signs don't get tired after exhibitions. But before he could even slightly turn the door knob, he heard the moans of his comrade and turned red in the face. "mY GOODNESS LEO! KEEP IT DOWN!!!" he yelled as he ran as far away from his room as possible. Leo's eyes widened in horror. "A-ARIES!!! DON'T YOU DARE TELL ANYON-...mnnn..." Libra chuckled as she stopped sucking on him. She slowly started removing her own clothing and Leo looked to the side as her big breasts were no longer being held by the tight dress she was wearing. He always wondered how was she able to move and battle in.

Her lips curved into a smile as his eyes were once fixed on her breasts. She removed the rest of her dress and shoes, leaving her in only her bottom wear. She licked her lips once again. "Most spirits would think it'd be the other way...but you'll be the one not being able to walk the next day.." she whispered as she slowly sat on his shaft. He winced, and felt her wet wear press against him. Either that or it was her saliva on it from her previous pleasuring. She started moving forward and backwards and moaned as her covered clit was being rubbed by his hard shaft. Leo bit his lip. Libra stared at his face. His eyes were closed shut, the way his lips were preventing moans, his blushing checks. It only drove her more crazy for this, so she pressed herself onto his shaft more. "Mmmm...~" she moaned as Leo started trying to get her to press herself more against him. She sat down more, and he puffed his cheeks.

Libra started to remove her panties, and slowly slid his shaft into her hot core. Leo gritted his teeth. "Nghh.." The scales spirit then started jumping up and down and moaned loudly as she went quicker. Almost ripping the band on his hands, Leo chose to gave up since he knew Libra wouldn't stop any sooner.

He pulled on the bands, and it ripped, startling Libra. Leo quickly flipped their bodies over and pound into her roughly, causing the scales spirit to moan in unbelievable pleasure. He pinched her pink nipple, and soon started experimenting her hot body.

"A-aries..what are you doing..!?" Cancer asked quietly as Aries was currently pulling her towards Leo's room. "THAT FUCKER LEO IS DOING WEIRD THINGS AND YOU SEEM TO KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING!!" he hollared.

"I don't-" Cancer opened the door and turned a beat red as she saw her comrades having action in bed. "Mwaaa...Leo..~~!!" Cancer screamed embarrassedly and soon ran off with a surprised Aries.
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