Chapter Ten

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It's been five months since James left and I can't stand how much I miss him. I haven't heard much from Dakota. Her and Tyler haven't been very close after he left and she's distanced herself a lot. There's a knock at the door, breaking me from my thoughts.
"Hold on!" I call. Rushing to the door, throwing the towel onto the counter. I swing the door open and stop in my tracks.
Two men in military dress stand there and give me small smiles that are full of sorrow.
"Mrs. Haley Ryan?" The taller of the two asks.
"Yes?" I question, a million thoughts running through my head. All of which are bad.
"We are here to inform you that your husband Captain James Ryan has been sent to a hospital two hours away at the Jefferson medical hospital. He was shot in the stomach and shoulder." I clutch the door tight and try to keep from crying.
"Is he gonna be okay?" The words come out small and broken from the held back tears.
"They don't know yet. He is going into surgery in an hour." I shake my head and collapse to the ground crying. The taller of the two kneels down next to me and touches my shoulders.
"Hals, it's gonna be okay." I look up when he says my nickname.
"W-who are you?" I stutter.
"I'm Jesse. I was with James when it happened." I nod and slowly stand up.
"Please take me to him." I whisper, grabbing my purse and pulling on my boots and a coat. It's November and I'm scared to drive in this weather. Especially with the baby.
"Mrs. Ryan. We can't take you. We have other responsibilities that need to be taken care of." The other one says. Jesse sighs.
"I will take h..." He's cut off by a cough from behind him.
"Kaden?" I gasp, recognizing my brother. He steps onto the porch and gives me a small smile.
"Haley." He says before embracing me. I keep my stomach covered a little so he won't crush it.
"What happened?" I ask as he pulls away.
"I don't know. I've gotten bits and pieces. But I know that I stepped onto a land mine. But it was a dud. And I stepped off got three steps away and next thing I knew I was thrown thirty feet forward and when I woke up o was in a Syrian hospital."
"It's been six years Kaden. I was fifteen when you left. Fifteen." I want to slap him and hug him at the same time.
"Haley I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." He looks broken. Unsure of what to do. I pull him into another hug but pull away when I remember James.
"James! We have to go. Kaden we have to go right now. James is going into surgery in an hour. The hospital is two hours away. We have to go."
"Hals. Don't stress. You're pregnant. Stress isn't good for you." He puts his hands on my shoulders, making me look at him.
"I can't do this..." I start crying and hug him.
"Hals. It's gonna be okay. I have faith in you. He needs you. Please. Keep it together. If not for yourself. For him." He sighs. "You're only 21. How did you and him happen?" He asks.
"We met in a bar and he drove me home after I got completely drunk." I pause. "Yea I was only 19 but it just happened. And I'm glad it did."
"You got married so early Hals. Why would you do that to yourself?" He asks.
"Kaden...just leave it be. We have to go."
"How old is he?" I turn back to him and glare.
"He's twenty four. What does it matter?"
"Nothing." He grabs the keys from me and opens the door. "It's snowing now. We should go." He says with a hint of anger in his voice.
Three hours later...
Kaden and I are in the waiting room still. It's been an hour since we got here. Two since James went into surgery. I watch everyone that comes out of the door carefully. Willing them to tell me he's gonna be okay. The inter com turns on with a click.
"Dr. Winters to surgery room 5. Dr. Winters to surgery room 5." The voice says. Kaden looks at me for a second.
"Isn't James in that room?" He asks. I shake my head.
"He's in three." I say rubbing my eyes.
"Hals, can you try and get some sleep?" He asks, sitting on the couch in the waiting room. I shake my head for like the millionth time to that question.
"I'll be okay." I whisper, pulling my feet up beside me.
"Haley ?" Kaden asks quietly, putting a hand on my shoulder. "You wanna get up?" I bolt up and start asking a million questions about James.
"Is he okay? Where is he? Can I see him? Is he up?" Kaden looks at me while I finish my list of questions.
"He's okay. He's gonna pull through. He's still under the anesthesia but he's gonna wake up soon." I stand up and wait long enough for him to step in front of me to show me where I'm going.
He pushes open a door and I take a deep breath, closing my eyes.
"I'll leave you." Kaden says, stepping away from the door way. I nod and step into the room, letting the door close behind me.
He looks like hell. Bruises and cuts scatter his face. His left arm in a sling. His stomach wrapped up. I walk to him and lay a hand gently on the pillow next to his head and I kiss his cheek.
"I love you so much baby." I whisper. The door opens and a doctor comes in.
"You must be Mrs. Ryan?" He asks.
"Yes. How long is he gonna be out?" I ask.
"Not that long. I'm gonna give him this and he should come too within a few minutes. He will be groggy and he might freak out. So be careful." He says, pointing to my stomach. I nod and wait for James to come to. He begins mumbling under his breath. Trying to move. He starts to scream. Not a bad dream scream. A scream like he's in pain.
"Doctor?" I ask, wanting to hold James but he holds me back. "What's happening?" I finally say with a cry.
"Nurse!" The doctor calls. A nurse comes running in and he shoves me to her. "Get her out of here and bring me something to get his pain under control!"
"No!" I cry. Breaking away from her and going to James. I hug him and instantly his arms are around me.
"Haley. You're okay?" He questions weakly. His screams having taken a lot of energy from him.
"I'm okay. I was worried about you." I hold him closer.
"What the hell happened in here?" Kaden asks. Standing in the door way.
"Kaden. It's okay." I say. James pushes me away. I look at him confused.
"You cheated on me and then brought him here with you?" He asks.
"James. I'm her fricken brother." Kaden says.
"I-I thought you said he was dead?" He says, though it's more of a question.
"That's what I thought. But baby can we just worry about you right now?" I turn to Kaden. "Can you leave right now? Here's the house key. You can stay there. I'm gonna stay with him for a while." I say. Kaden looks at me and sighs.
"Okay. I'll see you soon." He leaves and I look back at James.
"Hals...when are you due again?" James asks.
" months." I say, not able to focus since I'm still worried about him.
"Baby. Sit down please. You look pale." He says. I sit on a chair and look at him. "Jesus you look bad. Have you been eating enough? How about sleep? And water?" He asks.
"James, you're the one in the bed. Let's worry about you." I say. He looks down at his lap.
"Can you leave us doctor?" He asks. He nods and leaves, closing the door behind him. "Hals. I was so fucking scared. When I went into that building. We didn't know what to expect. But I had to kill someone."
"James. You've killed before..." I start to say.
"Hals. I killed a woman." He turns away from me. "She was pregnant. Just like you." She was surrounded by men holding weapons. She didn't get down before the firing started. I shot first and killed her." His jaw clenches. I stand up and go over to him. I reach for him but he grabs my wrist. "Leave." He says. Throwing my arm away from him.
"'s in front of me." I say quietly.
"It's not that Haley." He says. "I-I can't look at you without thinking that I felt like I was shooting you." I sit on the bed next to him and use both hands to make him look at me.
"You look here James." I take a deep breath. "Do you see me? I'm right here. I'll always be right here. No matter what." He nods.
"I know Hals, just I'm so scared I'm gonna lose you and I feel like it'll be my fault and I can't have that. Not with you. I don't want to lose you."
"James, you aren't losing me. I promise baby. You're not going to lose me." I say, hugging him. He groans so I pull away. "Oh my god! I'm sorry. Are you okay?" I ask.
"Hals, I'm fine. I just groaned. I didn't die. I'll be okay baby." He says. I roll my eyes and hug him again. "Okay can you figure out when I can go home?" He asks.
"James! You've been here for a day. You're not coming home for at least a week." I say, trying not to slap him.
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