What is This?

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Hello all! This isn't exactly a future stories book. It's more for books that I've written a first chapter, or prologue, but haven't been updating in like, three months.

 I've decided to clear out my works this way, and to only have stories I update regularly (at least once a month) in my works now. 

 I've created this so others don't take my idea and create a best-seller book series, when I also had the idea. It's also to clear out all the stories that just sat like lumps in my works section.

 A lot of these books will only have the description and cover, but some will also have the first chapter.  

If I am getting a lot of positive feedback on one particular future story, I will make it into a real story in my works and update it frequently. 

 Thanks, and please don't steal my ideas, it's rude, especially when I'm the one that did the planning and thinking.

Thank you to nightpiece for the beautiful cover!

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