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I hated adults. I didn’t want to become one.

In fact, I would sometimes skip school and just play with my buddies in my neighborhood. I didn’t want to think about my future. I hated all those nagging adults around me.

I’ve always pretended that I and my friends are like, the last hope of the human race, and the adults are the corrupted version of it.

To cut the long story short, I hated growing up.

I hated becoming a slave.

I just want to stay as a kid forever…

On one morning, while I was playing hop scotch with my neighborhood friends, a bunch of guys in black came out from a van and chased us. One guy caught my hand, plastered a handkerchief over my face, and I fell unconscious.

The next thing I knew, I awoke in the most terrifying place on Earth – an EVS machine.

I screamed and banged at the glass walls, trying to break it and be set free, but to no avail. No one outside could hear me, and all of my buddies were trapped inside one as well. I was enraged, crying, and hopeless.

Finally, there was a wretched adult in lab clothes. He was going to turn on the machine. I yelled as hard as I can, but of course, he was cold-hearted.

And alas, it began.

As the electric surge rushed through the machine wires and into my veins, I screamed a hellish pain that I have never felt before. Slowly, it shook my body, overtaking my life…my future. I felt it little by little, as my veins start to become tensed; my breathing is starting to drop, as if something was clogged inside my throat. I looked at my tiny hands slowly growing to the size of my body, and my height was increasing rapidly. From my eyes flowed tears mixed with blood that also spewed out from my excessive coughing, due to the surge of the machine. Everything was very painful, but there was this ‘feeling’ that somehow felt ‘good’…what do they call that in adult language…uh…‘turn on’? I think that was it. It really felt good in my body, but I felt sick inside my heart and in my mind, enduring all of the pain and imagining all of the responsibilities that I would definitely face after I’ve grown to these high inches.

I tried slamming the glass once again but it’s still unbreakable, even with this adult body of mine. I yelled out in a hoarse, deep voice that has changed due to the aging process. I cried so hard but it seemed over.

And with a final breath, I dropped unconsciously on the machine chamber.

What has become of me, I wonder…

Have I…really grown up…?

If so…then I didn’t want it to be real.

I want to stay as a kid.

I hope everything that had happened was just a dream…a bad dream.

The alarm clock rang. It was 7 AM, and one of my buddies was already knocking on the door of my room.

Was it all…just a dream? I asked myself.

I looked at my hands. They were back to normal.

My height was just as it was. I looked at myself in the mirror and still saw my child self.

This is who I really am.

This is who I’ll always be.

I smiled endlessly, picked up my towel and clothes, headed for the bathroom, took a shower, dressed up, and went outside to play.

Everything went fine as we played hop scotch just like yesterday, and the days before that. We had innocent smiles on our faces.

But suddenly, something went wrong.

The ground started collapsing, and all the pieces were dropping into the abyss. Everything was going pitch black, and all of us fell down into the unknown blackness of the bottom of the world.

I woke up again. This time, I found myself inside a hospital room, with an oxygen mask and dextrose on my hand. I was all alone, with the clock ticking to midnight.

I looked at my hands and gave a dark, lonely sigh.

It all really happened.

The dream with the kids was just my happy desires while still unconscious.

This is…reality…the reality that I have hated so much.

Looking at the mirror near the bathroom, I saw myself. I cried angrily. I cried in a deep, dark voice.

Imagine…a grown man crying.

No, I’m still a kid. I’m just stuck in this cursed body…

I…hate this body. I don’t want to live life like this.

Even if I am a bit good-looking, this isn’t what I want. I just want to be a kid forever. I don’t want to be forced to work for a living, or to have a family, or to have a girlfriend, or to help other people, or to mind other people’s business, or to be a slave to the government, or other countless grown-up things…


Somebody please…help me change back…

I had a neighbor who was an EVS victim. He told me that he could still go back to his child form by just imagining himself to it.

I tried it but it didn’t work. Maybe there’s just too much Bau Luca substance in the medicine that was injected in the machine I was in.

I took off all the apparatus in my body and quietly tiptoed to the hospital hallway. Checking out each door, I had no luck with the operating rooms since they were locked. All that was open were a bunch of janitor rooms.

Let’s see…

No guns here, no saws, no knives, no nothing…

Wait…there’s something behind this black door…

A rope…

This is…exactly what I needed.

I went upstairs in the hopes of finding a room with a high ceiling and a hook to attach the rope. As I did a loop on the rope, I found a nice room with the label ‘Pediatrics’ on it. Surprisingly, its ceiling was really high, and there was a children’s mobile hanging on it from a hook.

Gently and slowly, I stood on a chair, took of the mobile and attached the rope. Then, filled with remorse, I snuck my head onto the loop I’ve made on the rope.

I have never felt so happy in my life.

I was going to run away from it all.

Finally…I’m so high right now.

My once tiny hands have become big, strong hands, in which I have raised towards the sky like a bird. This newfound body of mine...this is the key to my freedom.

I could never do it with a small body.

That’s right, I couldn’t do it before, but now I can.

And from now on, I’ll never ever grow up again.

I’ll just stay as I am.

Slowly, as the sun began to rise from the window, I gave a final breath, an everlasting smile, and kicked off the chair to launch myself into the highest…

Good morning world…

Today is the day…

I am now…



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