Scorpio (m) x Pisces (f)

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Hello! ^.^ I am Stxrry! I hope you all noticed that I love anything star related. That being said, it's the reason I decided to write this story. The other reason is that, I love the Zodiac and because not many 'love' stories of them are out there, I decided to write one myself. Don't worry. Not all my stories will be Rated M. I will write another story of the Zodiac soon. By the way, in this story, Pisces is a female while Scorpio is a male. When you request what signs you'd like to see, please mention genders as well. I also do same-sex pairings.
Scorpio x Pisces
A small body of a young lady relaxed its muscles. Her hair's sea-green waves slowly got straight as the water surrounded the tips. She let out a soft sigh and smiled at the relaxing feeling. She grabbed a bit of water and pulled her hair back a bit, and closed her eyes at the relaxing feeling of the water running down her back.

As she sensed a presence behind her, she turned and smiled at the other spirit. "Scorpio..."

The tall, young man nodded at her. "Pisces...may I join you...?" Pisces nodded eagerly, not minding that she was bare in front of him. Scorpio stripped out of his clothes, and sat a good distance away from Pisces. Pisces always decorated their large bath almost forest like, and he had to admit to himself, it was beautiful. He closed his eyes and let himself sink into the cool water. "Mm...." he murmured softly as the water cooled his sore muscles. He could suddenly feel the small body of Pisces press against his.

"You've been acting differently Scorpio..."

"How so...?"

"You're...more mysterious..." Pisces pressed her body against his back in a hugging manner. Scorpio surpsingly felt himself turn a bit red as he felt her small breasts against him. He wondered..when did Pisces grow into such a fine lady..? She was beautiful..and caring..and always in a dreamstate. Pisces slowly got in front of him and looked at his dark red eyes.



"Kiss me." Pisces looked at him a bit pleadingly. She had been in loved with him and she didn't even know for how long now. She just couldn't express it, and right now that they were alone, she felt like it was the right time.

Scorpio showed no emotion, but he could feel himself blush darkly inside. He wrapped his arms around her waist, and kissed her rosey pink lips. Pisces wrapped her arms around him and closed her eyes while returning the kiss. He continued the kiss, knowing that they both didn't want it to end. Scorpio's arms held Pisces protectively, and this only resulted in making the girl blush. Pisces let out a soft moan as Scorpio's hand had somehow managed to cup her breast and squeeze it.

He slowly slid down and gave her neck soft butterfly kisses. He felt her hand go over his as he continued squeezing her breast. "Mmnn..." she moaned. Liking her moans, Scorpio decided to please her more, and cupped her breast more before softly sucking on her nipple. He grabbed her other breast, and started playing with it. Pisces pressed her breast a bit more into his lips and hand, loving the feeling. Scorpio sucked and licked her nipple teasingly. Pisces ran her fingers through his soft hair and panted a bit. "S-scorpio..."

Scorpio looked at her, and noticed how flustered her face was. He whispered to her, "Would you like to end this soon...? I can sense someone nearing..." Pisces nodded and Scorpio softly set her down on the edge of their bath. He spread her legs apart a bit and slowly pushed his member in her core. Her walls slowly tightened around his member and he grunted a bit.

Scorpio moved his shaft a bit to get a bit comfortable. He looked at her, and she nodded in response before he slowly started thrusting into her. Pisces brought Scorpio's lips to hers, and muffled their moans while sliding her tongue into his mouth. Scorpio soon started to thrust faster and Pisces wrapped her legs around his waist. "Mm...Scorpio...!" she moaned into the kiss as she felt herself nearing her climax. Scorpio decided to go faster and soon felt her warm body fluids coat his member. "Nn...!!" he groaned as he soon released his seed into her. Pisces panted and laughed a bit, "S-silly Scorpio.."

Scorpio looked at her a bit confused and slowly removed his member from inside her. Pisces then cleaned the water they were in and sighed in relief as she was far too embarrassed to let the others know what she and Scorpio had done.

Scorpio softly flicked her forehead and relaxed into the bath once again.

Cancer slowly entered with an arguing Virgo and Libra behind and an angry Sagittarius. "Stupid Aries.." he murmured.

Pisces laughed and winked a bit at Scorpio. "Tonight...?" she murmured. Scorpio knew what she was saying and sighed while hiding in the water so the others wouldn't see his red face.

Well that one's done. Hope you guys thought it was at least a bit interesting. Well..if anyone read that is >.>...Please request pairings by the way! Bye!


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