Memories to come

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Wails erupted threw the apartment from the baby's room which is rare considering Aurora is a silent child, and her parents didn't seem to appreciate the morning wake up call. "Bell?" Came her voice groggy with sleep, "hmm" he answered, clearly no intentions of getting up, "never mind I'll take care of it", Clarke marched out of the room still a bit sleepy, but as soon as she stepped into the nursery room Aurora seemed to quiet down "hey sweetie what's wrong?" She asked incredulously, like all mothers do to their child, especially a month old child. The baby's cries slowed down and silenced as Clarke brought her up to her chest, Aurora looked at her with a tear stained face and Clarke smiled at her daughter slowly cradling her back to sleep, but Aurora wouldn't budge, "you sweet heart are a hundred times more stubborn than your father" Clarke managed to say just as two strong arms wrapped around her waist and a pair of lips kissed her neck, "I don't think so princess if anything her stubbornness comes from you" Bellamy whispered into her ear with a smirk, "I think everyone would agree with me that stubborn is your part of her DNA" Clarke chuckled, "more like the other way around" Bellamy answered kissing her cheek. Aurora soon started to cry but her parents slowly shushed her, "it's ok sweetie sh, it's ok" Clarke tried soothing her and for the most part it worked, "I think she's hungry Clarke" Bellamy suggested seeing their crying baby girl pulling at her mother's shirt, "I think you're right" Clarke said stepping out of Bellamy's hold and sitting on the rocking chair by the corner of the room, slowly placing her baby in a comfortable position in her arms for her feeding, she unbuttoned her shirt reviling her perfectly plumped breast, slowly placing her child up to her breast for her to feed. The room was now filled with only the peaceful and rhythmical sound of Aurora's suckling for a few seconds before Bellamy decided to break the silence "you know you look pretty sexy in my shirt princess and this scene is not helping the situation" he smirked, "seriously Bell, you can't even wait until were back in our room to tell me this?" Clarke glared, "no can do princess" he smirked stepping closer to her, by the moment he reached his wife he placed a heated kiss on her lips both of them smiling as they parted, Aurora started to make some squeaky sounds between them causing them to look down at their daughter who had now finished feeding off of Clarke's breast milk, Bellamy lowered himself to place a gentle kiss on his daughters head slowly taking her from his wife's arms and cradling her back to sleep, as soon as she was back in dream land Bellamy placed Aurora in her crib turning to see Clarke buttoning up her shirt, he stepped facing her, grabbing her wrist to keep her from buttoning up the rest of the shirt "like I was saying 'you look sexy in my shirt and this scene doesn't help the situation'" he said now beginning to unbutton the shirt once more, reviling her milky skinned body, Clarke decided to play along stepping closer wrapping her arms around his neck, slowly leading them back to their room "oh! I do, don't I, to be fair I do like your shirts better than mine" she smirked causing him to smirk, they both knew this game all to well, look were it lead them a wonderful marriage, a beautiful daughter a marvelous life. Clarke still remembers the day at the hospital after giving birth to Aurora stepping outside of her room, to see her daughter in a nursery surrounded by baby boys, and Bellamy silently yelling to the boys "don't you dare touch my little girl, I will end you" causing Clarke to laugh as she stepped up behind him wrapping her arms around him giving him a sweet peck on the lips causing them to face each other and smile turning their faces back to their daughter "I can't believe we did that" he had said pointing to Aurora "believe it because she's ours" she had answered giving him another sweet kiss. Yes that day had been one of the happiest days of their lives together including when she had said yes to his proposal, when they said I do at the wedding, when she told him she was pregnant, they all lead to this point in their life. "It's a good thing you like my shirts princess because I like them on you too, just not at this very moment" he said slowly slipping the shirt off of her body with a devilish smirk, his hands had slipped down to her waist and now rested underneath her thighs lifting her from the ground, kissing her passionately. They were surprised at the fact that Aurora was actually able to sleep threw the sounds of her parents moaning in pleasure from their actions the night before.

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