Chapter 3 - The Date Mishap

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Hey peeps hope you all like this chapter.
I woke up in a really happy mood, today is my date with Draco but first I have classes to go to. I get up out if bed and grabbed my wand and waved it at Autumn and shouted


She awoke with a loud scream

"SKYLA DON'T DO THAT TO ME, AGUAMENTI" she shouted sending the spell at me and soaking me

"Thanks for that now get up or we will be late"

"What about the others"

"I don't care about them no hurry up"

"Okay,okay I'm up"

10 minutes later we were walking to the great hall for breakfast. When we got there I saw Draco waving at me and Autumn to sit next to him

"Hey where have you been its nearly lesson time"

"Asleep of course where else do you think we were"

"I was just asking, are you ready for our date later"

"Yh I am, I can't wait"

"Well where something casual,okay"


A few minutes Ginny walked in and say in between me and Autumn

"Hey girls, Draco"

"Hey Gin, ready for DADA with the Gryffindor's"

"No, because my idiot of a brother is in there with Scar head, I don't even know what i saw in him"

"What you liked him"

"Yh, I don't any more though i like someone else"

"Who's that then Ginny" Draco asked curiously

"I'm not telling you Draco because it's none of your business"

"Okay, I know where I'm not wanted, see you later ladies"

"Bye Draco, see you in DADA"

"Okay Gin who is it"

"I will tell you later because it's time to go to lesson, come on"

We walked into DADA and we had Professor Snape this is going to be a fun lessson not I sat with Draco while Ginny sat next to Blaise and Autumn sat next to Theo. It wasn't that baf of a lesson because I sat next to Draco. The double lesson soon ended and we went to dinner. I pulled Ginny and Autumn back because I wanted to question Ginny.

"Ginny I think I know who you like"


He face lit up when I said his name

"Haha no it's not him"

"Come of it Ginny I know you like him"

"Okay it is him, don't tell anyone please"

"I won't you can trust me, any I have something you might want to know"

"What is it"

"Well do you know how Hermione Granger just dissapeard"

"Yes, she was my best friend I never heard anything from her, I don't know what happend to her, do you know"

"Yes and you never stopped being friends with her because I am her"

"What your Hermione Granger she's a muggleborn and you said you were a pure blood" Autumn shouted

"Well I am a pureblood I found out I was adopted and that my real name was Gaunt"

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