Steph meets the fam >Headcanon<

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✧All the bird-boys would be gathering around, amazed and somewhat puzzled at the mere sight of Stephanie Brown.

✧Tim would be constantly gawping at Steph, going red anytime he'd say something to her or accidentally do something embarrassing. For example, tripping over his shoelaces.

✧This would happen much to the other boy's amusement. Jason would eventually push Tim aside and tell him to "watch and learn", however Stephanie would be quick to shut down any flirting between herself and Jay.

✧Dick would relentlessly tease Jason for this, and would eventually give Tim some proper dating advice.

✧Damian wouldn't be all too fussed about the new arrival. Of course he thought of himself as being far above the ridiculous behaviour that all the bird-boys would be displaying.

✧Despite this, he would get involved in mocking Tim about his new crush, obnoxiously scoffing that "she is way out of Drake's league."

✧Bruce would eventually step in and tell all four of the boys to behave, all whilst Alfred showed Steph to her room, quietly telling her to "get used to this kind of behaviour".

✧Stephanie would quickly fit in with the Bat-fam, considering her quick wit and high levels of sarcasm. She'd feel welcome within no time at all.

✧Stephanie would have a great time sparring and training with all the boys, she'd constantly set herself goals to beat each of them in combat, which on an occasion, she would.

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