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As some of you know, I got in very bad trouble with my parents and I am not sure when the next update will be... I will try to get back online for you guys as soon as possible, even though it may be a while.

In the meantime, (as sad as it is to say) find something else to read and wait patiently. Translations of my story are NOT allowed until I come back online, even with credit to me.

I'm so sorry that I have not been able to update forever but I am struggling with my parents a bit.

Thank you all for not forgetting about me and always remember: I have not forgotten about you!!

I love you all and I am beyond lucky to have readers who care; it really means a lot to me.

This is so sad for me... but, it won't be forever!!

Keep hanging on and I'll hang on with you.


Macy (aka Blue), the Author

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