Chapter 7

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    ~•Time-Skip Of A Couple Hours•~

Yukino and I have been walking around town for a while, just chatting and hanging out.

It seems weird socialising again, and many awkward pauses are present in our light conversation.

Then, she hesitates before raising a more heavily-weighted question.

"(Y/N)-san...I-I heard you used to be in Fairy Tail?" Yukino asks shyly.

My once steady steps falter. Where is this going?

"Y-yeah...I was." I say, trying to keep my voice steady.

"Do you think they'll come back?" She blurts out, then covers her face with her hands.

I lower my gaze, trying to not let any emotion show on my face. If someone is watching me like before, this could be an unintentional test...

"I...I don't know." I manage to force out, quietly, with my voice cracking in sadness.

"G-gomen! I didn't mean to-" Yukino starts apologizing, slightly flustered.

"No, it's fine. I often wonder too..." I give her a weak smile. She hesitantly smiles back, but guilt is written across her face.

  I let out a light laugh.

"Trust me, it's okay, Yukino-chan. It's only natural that you would express curiosity about my past. We are on the same team, ya know." I say, grinning.

   She looks genuinely surprised. Quickly, her expression changes to a relieved smile.

"A-arigato, (Y/N)-chan." Yukino says.

  I smile softly at her change of honorific.

   "Of course, Yuk-" I start to say.

  "(Y/N)-SAN!!! YUKINO-SAN!!!"

   I jump at the unexpected shout, and turn to see a certain blonde-headed Dragon Slayer running towards us, which attracts the attention of a few passerbys.

  Yukino shoots me a quizzical look. I shrug.

  I wait until Sting is standing in front of us to talk. He is panting from running at the brisk pace he had been taking to tell us this all-important announcement. Well, I assume it is.

"What the hell, Sting?! Could you be any louder?" I hiss.

  Yukino takes the more mature approach to the situation.

"Sting-san, what is it?" She asks in that shy way of hers.

  "Master-*pant*-called a meeting-*pant*-for in-*pant*-ten minutes." Sting announces, taking breaths in between words.

   Master called a meeting for in ten minutes? Nice grammar, Sting. I think, chuckling slightly. Then it hits me.

  "Wait...WH-WHAT?!" I exclaim, finding it hard to contain my shock. Sting nods in response.

"Come on, (Y/N)-chan, Sting-san; we have to hurry!" Yukino thankfully takes over, glancing at me.

"R-right!" I say, breaking into a run. Yukino does the same.

"W-WAIT UP!" Sting yells before following us.

We are sprinting all the way there, which must be torture on Sting. Oops.

I turn the last corner, which reveals our breathtakingly beautiful guild hall.

And trust me, we are all gasping. (A/N: Haha, get it? No? Psh I totally didn't just try to make a joke...XD)

We take the last few steps to the doors somewhat slowly. Sting reaches for the door's handles, but I grab his wrist lightly to stop him. He stiffens at the contact. But, it does have the desired effect: Sting turns around to face me.

"What?" He asks, his cheeks flushed red.

It's from the sprinting!! I remind myself.

  "Let me...heal us first." I say in between large gulps of air.

  "What? But-" I cut Sting off.

  "Healing Magic: Steady Breath!" I say, which may have an unexciting name, but can be useful.

  Immediately, our breathing patterns are normal.

  "Arigato, (Y/N)-chan." Yukino thanks me.

  "Yeah, thanks (Y/N)." Sting says.

    I simply smile.

"Let's go in, shall we?" I ask, opening the doors with an air of confidence.


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