*Moving In*

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Today is the day my life actually starts! I am currently on a train to my new apartment in London, England. As I am only 18, nervous jitters run throughout me. I mean, I've never, ever, lived on my own before. This could possibly be the best thing to ever happen to me...

Firstly, to introduce myself, I am a small Youtuber. My fanbase consists of 38,000 lovely people who mean the world to me. I am Australian, but recently moved to London, England as an 18 year old. My full name is Izabella Rain Clark, but my friends call me Bel. I absolutely love to vlog and make beauty videos for my channel.

Appearance wise, I have long, straight brown hair with highlights scattered throughout it. My eyes are actually two different colors which is something i am very self conscious about. One eye is Blue while the other is a hazel color. Being a beauty guru obviously means I love to do makeup, so I usually wear winged eye liner, mascara, eyeshadow, and the basics such as foundation and concealer. Lastly, I would describe my style sort of like and edgy Coachella vibe.

"Hello guys! I am starting off today's vlog with some very exciting news. It is currently, 5 in the morning and I am on a train to.... drum roll please... London, England! Yes, that is the surprise that I've been waiting to tell you! I'm moving! Many of you guys guessed it in my last vlog, since you guys probably know my obsession with all things British. Today I'm just going to film myself unpacking and maybe we'll even go on an exploration, We'll see!" I explain to my vlogging camera which earns me a couple of looks from the people near me. I'm not that much of a shy person so I don't really care what other people think of me. The only thing I would change about myself are my eyes, people never can stop looking at them in a strange way when talking to me

"We have arrived at the London station. Please exit at the nearest door." A voice rings throughout the train.

I quickly grab my one suitcase I have with me and exit. The rest of my luggage is being delivered by bus. There are tons of people around me and I can't help but feel a little bit out of place. If you think about it though, There's got to be at least one other Aussie in the gigantic train station right? I pull out my vlogging camera to announce my arrival.

"I've made it guys! I can't believe I'm actually in London. It's been my dream to come here for like, ever. Leave in the comments below if you live here and maybe we can meet up?" I say walking through the station. Out of the year and half of being on Youtube, I have never been approached by a fan. That's one experience that I hope to catch on camera.

I make my way to the exit and put my apartment address into my phone. The realtor told me that he would be there waiting for me at 6:00. Right now it is about 5:30 and my apartment is about 3o minutes away, so I better make good time. I continue out of the station and take in my surroundings. This is a dream come true.

I made it (: I send a quick text to my mother.

The streets of London a beautiful, just as I imagined they would be. A bunch of my favorite stores line the sidewalk and flowers are hung in almost every window. Rays of sunlight beat down on the path ahead of me almost like I've always belonged here. My life definitely starts now.

"Hello Izabella Clark. I am Mark, the realtor and would like to go over some rules before I hand over the keys." Mark says right away as I approach him. His thick beard covers his mouth and he has a scar on his left eyebrow. Glad to see that this guy looks incredibly inviting. Note the sarcasm.

"Alright." I mumble gesturing for him to continue. He explains a bunch of meaningless rules in his gruffly voice before handing me the keys.

"Here you go. I will check up in about a week." Mark smiles revealing a gold tooth. Who is this guy and why does he look like a gang member?

"Thanks." I whisper taking the keys from his hand. Mark then leaves and I wait for him to drive away to start having a squealing fit. This is my apartment! I do one last squeal before opening the door.

"Wow." I gasp looking around. To be completely honest, I expected this place to be crappy, especially for the price I'm paying for it. A chandelier hung from the tall ceiling just above the entry way. The stairs could be seen directly in front of me and the dining room was too my left. I started through the dining room and into the kitchen where an island stood in the middle with granite counter tops. I walk back to the entry way to see the living room on the right and look all around. The wooden floors clicked under the heeled boots I was wearing at my happiness was at an all time high. I slowly walk up the stairs and into my bedroom which is quite big. It already has a queen bed set up with a big window above it. There is a walk in closet, and a bathroom connected to my room. I smile and head into the guest bedroom which which will soon be turned into my filming/editing room.

"How the fück did I get so lucky?" I laugh to myself spinning around in circles. I quickly snatch my vlogging camera from my pocket to capture the moment.

"Oh my god guys. I cannot believe my apartment. I'm not going to do a tour now because that's going to be my video for Sunday, but I am so surprised at how it looks. I'm so happy!" I smile at the camera before sliding it back into my pocket.

    I run down the stairs and bring my suitcase into my new bedroom. Unpacking is like the best feeling in the world in my opinion. I open my closet and prop my camera on one of the shelves to get a time lapse of me putting my clothes away for the vlog.

    It took me about 20 minutes to place everything into my closet and I still have plenty of space for other things. This was the best decision of my life.

"Alright guys, so as you just saw, I unpacked all of my clothes from the one suitcase I have with me. Now I'm thinking that we should go exploring!" I exclaim to the camera.

    Before leaving the house, I put my black leather jacket on as it is a bit chilly today. I walk down the path of my house and proceed down the sidewalk. A café is conveniently placed at the end of my street and I smile knowing I'll being going here a lot. When I open the door, it lets out a little jingle and I walk up to the person at the cash register.

"Good morning. Could I please get a Pumpkin Spice latte please." I asks the woman. She nods and begins making it. I'm such a basic white girl.

"There you go miss." She smiles handing it to me. I give her a friendly smile back and walk out of the Café to do a bit of window shopping. The road leads me to a crosswalk and I cross the road to enter TopShop.

"I'm in TopShop right now and it's very quiet in here. They have a lot of cute stuff but I think I ought to wait to buy anything until I get settled." I whisper to my camera walking through TopShop.

    It had been about 2 hours since I left my apartment and I was pretty tired and jet lagged. I was pretty sure I got enough clips for my vlog so I began heading back.

"Looks like I'm done exploring today. I'm so tired oh my god. Is this a short cut?" I look down a dark ally way and shrug, "looks like it. Anyways I'm heading back now. I'm planning on vlogging tomorrow as well." I continue talking as I come up on the end of the ally way,

"I hope you guys are having a gr-"as I turn the corner I am cut off due to someone smashing into me. My latte splashes all over my shirt and jacket whilst my camera flies through the air and I crash to the ground.

"No!" I yelp not wanting my camera to smash into a million pieces. A hand effortlessly catches it and I look up to see a young man wearing a red and yellow baseball cap.

"I'm so sorry! Here, let me help you." He says clearly flustered. He helps me up and I'm able to get a good look at his face. Hold up. No. This isn't real. I'm most definitely dreaming.

"Are you alright?" He asks looking into my eyes.

"I think so." I squeak. I'm actually talking to Joe Sugg right now.

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