Chapter 6: Reunited Again

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I was sitting in Appa's saddle with Zuko and Aang was in the front. "We've been riding for hours. I don't know why, but I thought this thing would be a lot faster." Zuko said as he looked over the edge. Then Appa growled, Mushu was sitting on my shoulder said "I agree with you buddy, he is so ungrateful. I mean you are the one carrying his royal butt." I saw Aang and Zuko look at me, "What he's the one who said it." I said holding my hands up in defense. Zuko glared at Mushu while Aang just kept looking at me, I just sat there uncomfortable until he turned back around and said "Appa's right, Zuko. In our group, typically we start out our missions with a more upbeat attitude." I looked at zuko as he hit his head on the side of the saddle as I heard him say "I can't believe this." "Don't worry. You'll get the hang of it." Aang says as Appa pushes his tail down to gain some speed and soar through the cloud at a faster speed. " Hey Kai?" I ignore Zuko as he turns towards me. honestly I'm still mad at him. "Kaida?" "Look! We're here!" Aang tells us. I look to see us nearing an island. We all have looks of surprise on our faces as we all say "Whoa" Appa lands by some ruins, we all get off and start walking in a small valley. "Even though these buildings are ancient," Zuko says as I walk towards one of the walls,"there's something eerily familiar about them. I can tell the Fire Sages' temples are somehow descended from these." I look at one of the walls to see a picture of a girl surrounded by fire with two dragons on either side of her. "Ran and Shaw..." I hear Mushu say. "You know them?" I ask and look at him. He nods, "C'mon better not loose ponytail and arrows." I nod and walk beside him. I run and catch up with them as Aang is talking, "The past can be a great teacher." He states then trips over a wire causing the ground before him to drop and reveal sharp black spikes. 

 I shoot up out of my sleeping position. My heart was beating hard against my chest, I buried my face into my hands. I jumped when I felt a hand on my shoulder, I calmed down when I saw it was Aang. "Are you okay?" I nodded, I yawned as I stretched my arms towards the sky. "Huh. I guess I fell asleep here. That explains the pain in my back." I said laughing slightly at the fact that I fell asleep on a boulder last night. "You're freezing, here." Aang wrapped a blanket around my shoulders. I smiled at him as he sat next to me. "Thanks." I told him, even though I could warm myself up with my firebending. "Hey Kaida-" "AANG! KAIDA!" We heard Katara yell, we looked at each other and ran towards her and Sokka. "What's wrong?" Aang asked as we arrived to see Sokka and her throwing everything onto Appa. "It's Zuko! He found us!" I stopped as Aang ran towards Appa. He looked back and saw me, "Go! I'll get him off your trail, but you have to hurry!" Katara and Sokka nodded before climbing onto Appa. However, Aang looked at me, "But...Kaida...." I smiled at him reassuringly. "It's okay. He won't hurt me, he's still my brother. Now, go." He stared at me, before hugging me. I tensed before relaxing and hugging him back. "I'll see you soon, okay." We let go of each other, "Now go." He airbended himself onto Appa and took off. "Goodbye Aang." I said to myself. I heard shouting from behind me. I looked and saw Zuko's soldiers, "There she is!" I grabbed Mushu and took off running into the woods. I'm sorry. I thought to both Aang and Zuko as I ran in the opposite direction of Appa. 

Zuko's POV

"Your Highness, we've located your sister. However, she's traveling in the opposite direction of the Avatar. What would you like us to do?" A guard came up to where I was riding my rhino beside Uncle. "My sister is more important than the Avatar. She won't get too far on foot, we'll catch up with her soon." I stated as I kicked my rhino to go faster. 

Three Days Later

"It's been three days! How hard is it to track down a 13 year old girl!" I yelled at the soldier who just told me they lost Kaida's trail. I rubbed my temples as I looked at the map, I looked to see the soldier still standing there. "What are you still doing here?! Keep looking for her!!"I yelled causing fire to erupt from my hands. I calmed down a bit when I felt Uncle place his hand on my shoulder. "I'm sure we will find her Prince Zuko. She's probably fine, maybe a little scared from being out on her own. But, we'll find her soon enough." Uncle reassured me with a smile. I sighed, "I'm suppose to protect her. I made a promise, and now she's out there scared, cold, and alone."

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