Chapter 55

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A week ago

This was awkward.

This was really awkward.

Connie and Sap were sitting in front of me, in my sitting room drinking tea. A few nights ago I accidentally saw them kissing, and I have no idea if they saw me or not. They haven't mention the incident to me, but then this is really the first time I have actually seen them in private since that night. Connie puts her tea cup and saucer on the table, "I must congratulate you on snagging the King." She said indifferently.

I had completely forgot that Connie and Sap were in competition for the King's affection- which in retrospect made no sense at all if they were in love with one another. Sap smiled, "Working class girl does good. It's like a Cinderella fairy tale. You are very pretty Sophie. Connie and I always said that you would make a fine uptown mistress, even if you weren't adopted by Blood."

Stiffly I sat very still, unable to make out if they were mocking me or being sincere. Politely I forced a smile and asserted, "I will be no man's mistress."

Connie and Sap exchanged amused glances and silently sipped their tea. God I hated their stuck up asses. Why couldn't they just leave me alone! Connie sighed, "The King owes Blood a lot, so we expected that he might choose you for the dance."

"What do you mean?"

"Blood helped secure the crown for him, when the old King fled the court. The council didn't want to give the crown to a murderer, even if he was a royal prince."

"You mean the King actually killed someone?" I said.

"Yes, he even went to jail for it. But as soon as the old King left, the murdering prince was suddenly declared innocent, and released from prison." Connie said.

"It was a huge scandal." Sap added.

"That's awful!" I said.

"That 'awful' will be your meal ticket for the rest of your life. So I wouldn't act to high and mighty if I were you." Connie warned.

"You might end up like poor Henrietta and Celia." Sap hazarded.

"Who were they?" I asked.

"The women he killed and got away with."

The conversation had taken a chilling turn. My date was not only the King but a homicidal psychopath with a habit of killing young girls. I felt the color draining out my face as I thought about my impending date with the King.

"Poor Sophie, you look ill my dear. Here have a little brandy." Connie said wandering over to the sideboard and pouring me a small glass of brandy. Sap sympathetically looked on, watching Connie fuss over me.

"I'm sure the King will be on his best behaviour."

"Didn't he kill Celia after one of the court balls?" Sap piped.

"Shush, you're frightening Sophie." Connie scolded Sap, who pouted at her and replied, "I'm just telling her the truth Connie. Please do not get cross with me."

Connie sighed, while I walked over to the sideboard and picked up the brandy bottle and took a very unlady-like swig from it. Lately my problems seemed to be getting worse. Connie and Sap at this point swanned out the room, excusing themselves to go to class, leaving me to finish the bottle of brandy.


My demon rested his head over my heart, weary from a hard days work. Gently I caressed his fur that shimmered into a mass of dark black curly hair. The beast had morphed back into a man, and looked up at me smiling softly, "I love you."