Solving The Problem

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Fury walked into the room to see the Avengers lounging around. Steve and Clint were playing Assassins Creed. Natasha and Tony were playing air hockey. Thor and Loki were watching Game of Thrones. Bruce was watching with them.
"Avengers!" He yelled, snapping everyone to attention.
"We are going to try and solve your problem, ok?" He said.
"What problem?" Bruce asked.
"I don't really see a problem," Tony added.
"The problem of you being teenagers. That problem. Everyone to the quinjet." The Avengers walked out the door but Fury stopped Steve.
"Here son," he said, handing Steve an inhaler. When Steve looked up, confused, Fury said,
"The school called, saying that you had been coughing all class and the nurse had tested you and you have asthma." Steve took it, nodding. Fury followed Steve and everyone got on the quinjet.
"First stop," Fury said. "The Baxter Building." When they stopped, everyone got out and Fury led them inside.
"Hi Director Fury," Reed said, walking out. "This was the appointment you set up?"
"Yeah," Fury said. Johnny walked out, looking around.
"What are all these kids doing here?" He asked. "These are the Avengers," Reed explained. Johnny burst out laughing.
"These are the Avengers? No way! They're so tiny." He doubled over laughing.
"You wanna go buddy?" Tony asked, stepping up to Johnny.
"Sure," Johnny said, his hand catching on fire.
"Hey, that's enough!" Steve said, stepping between them.
"Whatever," Johnny said, leaving the room.
"Shall we?" Reed said, gesturing to his lab. Everyone went inside.
"Steve, come here please," Reed said. Steve jumped onto the table and Reed began taking his blood pressure. Everyone else hopped up on tables and a few of Reed's assistants began to start the tests on them too.
Tony complained, Bruce almost hulked out, Natasha kicked the assistant in the face, Steve coughed harder than ever, Thor yelled a lot, Loki had to bring his assistant back after he accidentally made him disappear.
"All in all," Reed said, sounding exhausted. "I got the solution."
"What is it?" Fury asked.
"While Tony and Bruce were trying to help Steve, they made something that targeted all the super heroes and villains in the room and brought them back in age."
"How do I fix it?" Fury asked.
"You have to wait. Nothing will be fixed unless you wait. In about three weeks, they'll get their powers back. I don't know how long until they turn back into adults though. I'm sorry."
"It's alright," Fury said. "If you learn anything though...."
"You'll be the first to know," Reed said. Fury led the teens out of the building and down the road, ignoring the quinjet.
"Where are we going?" Loki asked.
"To the mall," Fury said as they entered the store.
"Go pick something and buy it," Fury said. "Meet here after." Fury handed them each a little credit card and they all paired up and ran off. Natasha and Tony went with Steve. Thor went with Loki. Bruce and Clint went together towards the hunting store.
Fury sat down on the bench, rubbing his eyes. He ignored all the stares coming from the people milling around.
Natasha wanted to go in Forever 21 but neither Tony or Steve did so she went in alone. Natasha found herself a black tank top that had the original gangsters on it. She had recently began to like them.
Tony and Steve went into the Apple Store and both came out with iPads after Tony promised to show Steve how to use them. They had even gotten little Avenger cases.
Bruce had gotten a bunch of science stuff from the science store. Shield had taken Clint's bow and arrows so he went and bought himself another.
Thor and Loki went into the pet store. Thor got a golden retriever and Loki got a little black cat. Loki named his Ally and Thor named his Fluffy. Fury was not too happy when they had come back with live animals.
When they got back on the quinjet, Thor began playing with his dog. Loki just petted his cat. Tony showed Steve how to play with the iPad. Clint kept shooting the side of the quinjet. Bruce was looking through his stuff and Natasha had changed into her shirt and was now playing with Thor's dog also. Fury wasn't bothered by any of this as he watched.
"How did we pay for the stuff?" Tony asked.
"Not a big deal," fury said. Tony pulled out the card.
"Hey! This has my name on it! Fury, were you using my money!" Tony asked as they flew off.
"I wasn't. Everyone else was though."

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