Jeff the killer x reader

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[i do not own jeff the killer all credit of his very being is to the right owner, i am merely making a story for jeff fans. Please enjoy!]

We just sat in slendys mansion watching some nonsence movies. Most of the plots were wierd but filming in general make them even worse. Jeff seemed to like them, i wasnt suprised though. If a killer was watching a movie about killers id assume theyd have fun. For eight months our relationship grew from friends to close friends. Slendy says its love but Jeff and myself only see ourselves as friends...well maybe he does. From time to time ive wanted more from him, but then i scold myself because i dont want to take advantage of him.

Weeks from the movie night jeff was out every night. Provably killing someone or an entire family for that matter. I was a little lonely, yeah their were other residents in slendys mansion but none of them were jeff. He was the one who got me a room in here in the first place. No matter u wasnt going to be spoiled and cry about it, id have to find entertainment somehow. Food! Everyone was so busiy with killing to satisfy their urges, but did anyone actually have a home cooked meal? The trashcan overflowed with chinese take out and pizza boxes( which i hadmto get becausemeveryone else was to self catious about their appearences) i scavenged around the house in search of money...well mainly slendys wallet. After a few minutes of thinking i finally realized what i wanted to make for everyone.

It was sunset, giving me only an hour to buy materials and make my way back home. I followed the trees with red "x's" on them; jeff made them for me when i wanted to get out of the woods or i got lost. I was ready and on a mission.

After much time in lines and butcher stores i finally had everything i wanted to make.

I returned home and got straight down to business, no one was home so it would be a suprise dinner. I was making goolash and chocolate for dessert. I had to use to many cutting boards,spcices, and pans to prepare the food. It all smelled so good, it reminded me of home. It was a good comfort food my aunt made when everyone was sad.

After i sat the huge platter into the oven i began working on the chocolate. It was kind of cheating...more like melting the chocolate into cream and freezing them again. I was really happy, like i usually dont get this giddy. I felt like a wife making dinner for her family for the first time.

Just as i managed to to put the food on plates everyone burst into the house.

"something smells delicious" slendy growled

"i didnt know you smelled" masky replied.

Then it hit me, all of my hard work and joy sank back into me. I became flustered and embarassed by what i did. I backed away from the table and ran towards the back door. I opened it and slammed right into a solid object. I looked up and felt my face turn red, Jeff.

"what are you doing you act like you broke something" he said in his calm and refreshed voice. Everyone walked into the kitchen and awed at my mess, my dinner. As if on cue everyone sat down and began eating, they smiled and joked just like a family would.

Jeff wrapped his arms around me and squeezed me. He smelt like sweet and spicy mixed with pine, it was his natural scent.

"dinner time?" he asked

I nodded, he sat down and looked at me saving a special seat, i lied and said i had already eaten. His eyes showed sadness but he played it off. I walked up to my bed room, nearly freaking out hearing everyone thank me in unison frkm the kitchen.

I layed down on the bed and held onto my pillow, my stomach was twisting and cramping. I was happy that i made food for everyone but i felt so alone and sad still. Where was Jeff when i needed him, why was he gone for so long?

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