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a quick author's note:
so hey, guys!! first of all, let me say thank you for liking the beta's anchor enough to read the sequel, it really means a lot to me💖 again, like the beta's anchor, this book (this chapter in particular) may start off a little slow, but that's only because I don't want to jump straight into the action. i can promise you that this book is gonna be v v exciting and things between liam and emma will get dramatic and muy interesante if i do say so myself🌚 anyways, shameless self promo is over enjoyyyy

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secrets by onerepublic
— night changes by one direction
— it's time by imagine dragons
— jet pack blues by fall out boy
— amnesia by 5 seconds of summer
— it will rain by bruno mars
— 1000 years by christina perri
— i want to feel alive by the lighthouse and the whaler
— hurricane by halsey


I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF TAKING A JOG AROUND our neighborhood when Liam called me

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I WAS IN THE MIDDLE OF TAKING A JOG AROUND our neighborhood when Liam called me. I was going for three miles, but as soon as the caller ID showed up, I figured that my run would be cut short. Slowing to a stop on a nearby street corner, I picked up.

"Hey, Dunbar."

"Hey to you, too, Stilinski." Liam replied from the other line. "You free at the moment?"

"Not exactly," I laughed. "I'm in the middle of a run. Why?"

"Oh." Liam sounded disappointed. "I was hoping, well, you know, we haven't gone on an actual date since, like, the middle of freshman year, and..."

"Oh!" I said, surprised. Crap, I didn't know Liam wanted to ask me out on a date. "Well, in that case, I'm not that far from home. Just give me a half hour to freshen up. You can pick me up at 12:30, alright?"

Liam snickered. "You just can't resist the Liam affect, can you?"

I rolled my eyes, but smiled. "Something like that. See you soon, alright?"

"Bye." Liam hung up.

I sighed in happiness as I jogged back to my house. Normally, I didn't take summer jogs in the middle of the day, but it had been raining the past week or two, and the air was still relatively cool. Quickly, I arrived back at my house, showered, and threw on a casual flannel, some shorts, and a pair of converses. My hair was a mess, so I just pulled it up into a messy bun.

At exactly 12:30, our doorbell rang. "I got it!" I yelled to Stiles as I rushed to the door. But knowing Stiles, he was probably still sleeping. I opened the door to see a smiling Liam. "Well, you're timing is pretty much perfect." I laughed, stepping outside.

"I try." Liam replied, wrapping his arm around my shoulders. "So I was thinking. If I recall correctly, today is a very special day..."

I bit my lip as a blush crept up my cheeks. I buried my face into my hands.

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