Grieving Mother's Curse

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"Jonathan how many times have I told you not to go out without telling me, you had me worried sick," Jonathan's mother said as Jonathan came in the back door of the house. Although it wouldn't really be called a house, if you saw it you would probably call it a mansion rather than a house. Jonathan and his parents were very rich and they owned a huge corporation that had places all over the world.

"Sorry, I was just out visiting with Maria our neighbour," Jonathan told his mother as he took off his jacket and removed his boots.

"Maybe you should invite her to come over sometime," Jonathan's mother said as she walked towards the living room.

"I don't know about that, I think that she may think differently about me after I show her the house," Jonathan replied hanging his head.

"Good way or bad way?" Jonathan's mother asked as she sat down and started on her needle work.

"Bad way," Jonathan replied before heading upstairs to his room.

Even though Jonathan was only five years old, he was much smarter than a lot of the other kids his age and maybe smarter than people who were a little older than he was. Maria was also five years old and she was just about as smart as Jonathan, but her parents didn't have a lot of money so she couldn't do a lot of things that she wanted to do. But Maria didn't mind as long as she had her parents and a couple of good friends she could be happy.

Maria had known there was something different about Jonathan because of the way he dressed and the way he talked. She knew that he was probably rich but that didn't change her feelings about him, he was still her best friend. She had invited him to come to her birthday party which was in a couple of days, and he had said he would. She was really happy and could barely contain herself when she got home.

Jonathan was nervous about going to Maria's birthday party because he had never been invited to a party by someone his own age before, let alone by a girl that was his age. So when the party day came Jonathan had cut through the woods like he normally does and makes it to Maria's house right on time. Maria greeted him at the door and gave him a hug before letting him come inside.

It wasn't the first time Jonathan had been in Maria's house but today the house looked so different. It looked so much livelier then it normally did. There were a couple other kids there and Maria's parents but that was it. Jonathan thought that since he was used to his parents parties he was expecting more people. He enjoyed having only a few people at a party it was much less confusing that way. There was cake, some games and then presents. After that people started to leave until there was just Jonathan and Maria left.

Jonathan caught a glimpse of the clock and said that he had to go home. Maria's parents offered to drive but Jonathan declined and said that he knew a faster way home. Jonathan waved goodbye as he disappeared in to the forest and headed for home. But Jonathan never made it home...

...12 years later...

"Hey Johnny are you going to try-out for football again next year?" Mark asked as Johnny and the rest of the football team came down the hall.

"You know it Mark, you going on the Rugby team?" Johnny asked.

"Definitely," Mark said high-fiving Johnny.

"Hey Johnny don't look now but I think the new student is checking you out," Samuel told Johnny. Johnny looked to where Samuel was looking and sure enough a girl that he'd never seen before was watching him. But she looked vaguely familiar and he tried to place it, when he locked eyes with her.

Johnny could feel like something was trying to click in to place in his mind but then she looked away and he lost the connection. He felt cold after, like someone had just dumped ice down his back. One of the guys patted his shoulder and he came back in to focus.

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