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Even with Mikey's warning, Linsey still gasped when she entered the hospital room.

It was Gerard. Oh, you'd never be able to guess he's only 13 years old. His once full cheeks were now hollow and empty. Dark bags hung beneath his eyes, contrasting against his white skin. His beloved brown hair was gone; his head was completely bald. On her last visit she had held his hand, goading him on to take the chemotherapy. He was reluctant to lose it but she promised him it'd be worth it. A few locks of hair in exchange for more days to live - a great deal if you ask Linsey.

If it weren't for the constant beeping of the heart monitor she would've mistaken him for dead. The ever so slight rise and fall of his chest, the absence of color to his skin, the stillness of his body: it sure was misleading.

Gerard had always been pale but not like this. His skin looked like paper tightly stretched across his bones. She was hesitant to so much as hug him with the fear that his fragile body would break at the slightest touch.

The only thing that gave her the smallest bit of comfort was the look of peace on his face. Lately there's always been this crinkle at his brow. He's too young to be frowning so much. If she could she'd smooth out those wrinkles. Hell, if she had the power, she'd add some fat back to his cheeks and body so he'd look healthy and huggable again. She'd bring back his hair which was the only feature he liked about himself. She bring the pink back to his cheeks so he'd look like a kid again.

Rushing to his side, Linsey gingerly took his hand from where it laid on his abdomen and cradled it in her hands. With a ghost-like touch she traced the blue veins that were too prominent for her liking. As her thumb swept across his knuckles his eyes slowly fluttered open, as if it'd cause him physical pain to open them quickly.

A smile strained across his lips, eliciting a frown on hers. His lips have grown chapped and faded. He looked as if he hasn't had water for days while in reality it must've been only a few hours.

"Linsey." He croaked, eyes twinkling. The one thing that hasn't changed during Gerard's time in the hospital was his eyes. As weak as his body looked his eyes were full of strength and warmth.

"If you could get me a drink of water...?" He asked, raising a non-existent eyebrow.

Linsey nodded her head vigorously, pulling a water bottle from her purse. Gerard didn't like the water from the hospital. See, he had a...wild imagination. (Polite way of saying he was inexplicably paranoid). Linsey blames it on all the comic books he reads.

'Who knows what's in them!?!' Gerard would complain. "Who knows what's touched these cups?!?'

He graciously took it and starting chugging it. Gerard had a lot he'd love to talk about but he lacked the energy. Weeks and weeks at the hospital were starting to blur into months. He was terrible lonely and bored during his time here. His room mate has already changed 3 times.

The first two didn't check out though. They died.

"You look exhausted." Linsey pointed out, a smile touching her lips.

"Baby, I'm just soggy from the chemo." He flashed her a grin. 'But counting down the days to go'. he added silently.

"Please tell me you got me something to read." Gerard practically begged, flashing his puppy eyes at her. Linsey couldn't help but notice how much bigger his eyes looked with the absence of his eyebrows.

Linsey shook her head, giving him an apologetic look. "It's not like the times you were able to read them at the shop. I can't borrow any comics for you."

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