Start of a new year!

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I woke up with a sever amount of lovely bed head and a great case of morning breath. As I pulled myself out of bed to try and manage all of this I realized that the morning breath yes,I could cure that but the bed head... Another story to be explained by someone with nice wavy frizzy hair.

I pulled my hair half up to start the usual straightening process. This happened every morning at around 6:30 and the horror that came with it. I separated my strands individually letting the heat of the straightener work through them. I could feel the heat coming from them. I finished the bottom half letting the rest down to finish. As I worked I looked into the mirror, I studied my almond shaped eyes that were the same as my mothers and the way my eyebrows always needed to be filled in because they weren't full enough. I ran my hand through my hair fixing any of the hairs that had decided to be fly aways. I didn't understand how straightening my hair could change how i felt about myself so rapidly. 

My mom had walked up the stairs into my room just to tell me my breakfast was ready . Just like every other morning. She stood there for a moment watching me put on my makeup. "You know", she said, "you're far to pretty to be loading your face up with that stuff." I just nodded my head and mumbled mmhhmm to make her go away. It amused me that my mother and father swore that the boys would be breaking down my door, yet it was hard enough work to get a single one of them to talk to me. 

I rushed down the stairs to hurry an head off to school."Hunny" my mom yelled. "yeah mom?" "You need to come in here and eat your breakfast"  

"Not really hungry but thanks mom" 

"Are you sure honey?" 

"Bye mom" I screamed as I rushed out the door knowing I would be late already I grabbed the keys off of the hook by the front door and I was off.

I pulled up into the school parking lot with my Ford pickup groaning like it always did in the mornings. To tell you the truth I loved the thing. I knew over half the girls in my school questioned why I drove it when everyone knew my parents could buy me what ever car I had wanted, but it got me every where and I could deepened on it. I mean what would you rather drive when there was six inches of snow covering the ground? 

I pulled into my normal spot and stepped out of the monster. My eyes right away landed on Jess and Mattie sitting on the bench under one of the trees in front of the school. I walked over to join the two of them.

"Hey bitches"I said. 

"Oh looky here, you know as your pimp I am going to have to punish you for being late" Mattie said. 

"Oh baby, hit her hard" Jess screamed!

I rolled my eyes and laughed looking around to see the amount of unwanted attention we had just earned ourselves. Mattie said something funny but I was to spaced out to be paying enough attention to her. My mind was anywhere but in my own head this morning. Jess punched my arm hard enough to get my attention back to her.

"We'll my hoes what do you say we book it to class" she  said while flipping her hair over her shoulder, "I heard the Amanda Masters has something cooked up in that fake blonde hair of hers" 

"Really"I said to Jess. 

"Yeah,I heard that too"Mattie said. 

"Mattie, you hear every thing!"Jesisca exclaimed.

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