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Wideye Prime drags Mega Eyebrows Tron by the eyebrows (HEHEHEHEHE) back to the Autobot base.

Wideye Prime: Needy! Help me!

Ratchet: Tsk, tsk how many times I have to say this Opti-

Wideye Prime: *Quickly drops Megatron's eyebrows and dashes to Rachet, puts his hand over Rachet's mouth* SHHHHHHHHHH, don't tell the readers my real name.

Ratchet: *Grabs Wideye Prime's hand off his mouth* They already know, Optimus!

Wideye Prime: *Gasps* You said it! Now they know! You spoil everything, Needy! You are no fun! *Crosses his arms across and turns around and heads back to Megatron.

Ratchet: *Sighs* How many times do I have to tell you! My name is Ratchet not Needy and besides why do you call me that?

Wideye Prime: *Carries Megatron* Because every time the Fat Greenie breaks something you always say "I NEEDED THAT!" Now are you going to help this poor, poor Mega eyebrows decepticon or are you just going to stand all day.

Ratchet: O_O *Looks at Megatron* What the frag? By Primus, Prime you brought the decepticon leader to our base! We need to interrogate him and find out their plans. *Gets a sharp tool* HEHEHEHE, we should torture him! *Grins evilly at Megatron*

Wideye Prime: *Drops Megatron with his eyes even wider than usual and tackles Ratchet* NO, HELL YOU DON'T! 

Ratchet: *Squirms around and struggles to get the prime off him* By the allspark get off me!

Wideye Prime: Give me that now! *Tries to get the tool*

Ratchet: NO! I NEED THIS!

Wideye Prime: *Suddenly slaps Ratchet on the cheek and grabs the tool* Oh Primus! I am sorry Needy but for your happiness and inner joy I must do this! *Breaks the tool*

Ratchet: *Gasps*  I NEEDED THAT! YOU HURT MY FEELINGS! *Go to the corner and cries*

Wideye Prime: I am sorry......I was trying to protect Mega Eyebrows Tron.........I didn't mean it....... *Starts to cry and joins Ratchet*

Megatron: *Wakes up* By the allspark! I had the weirdest dream! That I got kidnapped by Prime and........*Hears crying and looks at the two autobots sitting at the corner* Scrap.