Those Eyebrows

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Wideye Prime and Mega Eyebrow Tron are in the middle of a battle..........................................

Megatron: PRIME! PREPARE TO DIE! *Unsheathes his sword and charges to attack*

Wideye Prime: TRON!

Megatron: *Stops his attack*  What did you call me? 

Wideye Prime: Well........since you called me from my second name and you don't even have one I just used Tron from

Megatron: Are you serious? You need to come up a better name than that.

Wideye Prime: What? I like it! :)

Megatron: Well I don't!

Wideye Prime: *Gasps*

Megatron: What? What? 

Wideye Prime: I know what to call you now!

Megatron: Well do tell me!

Wideye: Are you sure? O_O

Megatron: YES! *^* Is it awesome?

Wideye Prime: Even more than just awesome!

Megatron: Is it badass? 

Wideye Prime: Totally.

Megatron: HURRY UP!

Wideye Prime: Its.................... *Points to Megatron's eyebrows* Mega Eyebrows Tron!

Megatron: x_x *Faints to the ground*

Wideye Prime: *Looks at Megatron's fallen body* What? Too awesome for you?

Hey guys Wideye Prime is in! I hope you enjoy this chapter! :) I am still trying to get help for Mega Eyebrows Tron! HEHEHEHE I love his nickname I gave him! I will try to write more chapters and please vote and comment! Thank you!

Wideye Prime out!