New home?

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I look at Emily and then sam. I don't know what to say. My parents and family left me a year ago, by a drunk driver. So I had to move in with my aunt, who is not so kind to me. 

"I can't do that. I don't want to be a bother to anyone. I mean Leah doesn't want me here and I know Jacob doesn't either. I don't want to cause any trouble." I say as I play with the hem of my shirt.

"Oh, sesy you would never be a bother here. Those two will just have to under the sight of you here." Sam says to me as he looks and the two wolves.

"You will have to talk to my aunt." I reply quietly.

"Your 18 right?" I nod to Emily."you can just move out, she can't do anything about it. The boys will help you get your stuff. We have a room you can have." Emily says while smiling to me. 

I just nod my head to her statement. After that little scene we all go back to the table to eat. The guy that helped me through my attack was sitting in front if need with a black stare. I didn't ask any questions because he was kinda freaking me out. 

"So sesy, what do you say we start moving you in this weekend?" Emily says to me. I look over to my right as she is sitting next to sam across the table. 

"Sounds great." I smile at her as I continue to eat. 

Once I am done eating I notice how dark it is outside. I gasp as I quickly get up and grab my jacket.

"I'll see you guys tomorrow at school. I have to go, I am late." I say before running out the door and to my aunts house. 

Once I get to the house I enter silently. But once I enter the front door I am thrown to floor with a hand to my face. My aunt is not happy that I am late. 

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