Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

(Ella's POV)

"Come with me," I pulled Harry by his hand, and we crept down the stairs. I could hear mama snoring in the room down the hall, but knew that she wouldn't wake up. I've done this a billion times before. I grabbed my matches and lantern, and we got outside without waking anybody up. We walked in silence until we reached the tree. "Ah, thank God! We are finally far enough away."

"They keep you on a tight leash, don't they?" Harry finally spoke up as we began walking again.

"Well, yeah. I mean, I only started minding it when I began reading more and more. That started when I was about ten. I became the 'rebellious' child," I smirked. I had never considered myself rebellious until Claire called me that when we fought once.

"Rebellious? Really? You seemed so innocent when I first met you," Harry smiled at me. I kind of blushed a bit.

"I've never really been exposed to the outside world or any kind of intelligence, so I guess innocent is still a decent word to use," I shrugged.

"No, I think you're brilliant," Harry brushed a lock of hair from my face. It made me blush even harder. Especially when his fingers touched my face.

"Really? I think you're brilliant, too," I ruffled his curls. He pouted while shaking them back into place.

"Thanks," he muttered.

"There it is," I pointed excitedly to a small shed. Harry looked at me, then back to the shed.

"That's what you wanted to show me?" he asked in disbelief. I rolled my eyes.

"Come on!" I yanked his arm, and we ran down the hill to the shed together. It was right next to a small creek. I opened the door, and pulled out my lantern. I lit it easily, and showed Harry around.

"So this is where you come to get all of your books," Harry mumbled. I nodded.

"We're sure to find something on Charisma and Aislinn in here," I searched through the books. The could find absolutely nothing. One of them had the title, 'To Kill a Mockingbird' on the cover. I picked it up. "Hey, Harry, look at this."

"Yeah, I read that book," Harry took it from my hands, "It was a good read."

"That means that this book is a century old!" I squealed excitedly.

"No, that means that the book is older than a century old! When I came here, that book was almost to its one hundreth year," Harry skimmed through the delicate pages.

"That's incredible! I'm going to take it back with me!" I smiled, and stuffed it into the pocket of my apron. I would put it in the tree when we walked back.

"This one, too," Harry scoffed. I  looked at the cover. 'Of Mice and Men'. Sounds interesting! I took it and put it in the same pocket as 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.

"Harry!" I called him over, picking up a dusty book. I blew the dust off, and saw the familiar two rings on the cover. The book was way larger than all of my other ones put together. I have no idea how I'm going to hide this. Suddenly, the flame of the lantern went out. I grabbed Harry to make sure that I had some comfort.

"What are you doing here?" a gruff voice commanded our answer. I gulped in fear, and whimpered just a little bit. Just because I have no fear of my family, doesn't mean I'm fearless. I'm absolutely terrified of other people.

"I said, what are you doing here?"


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