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Lisanna P.O.V

Is this what my life has come to? Chasing love that is not for me?

I saw Natsu sitting down next to her bed with his hands together and head down. I knew just by his stance, he was unexplainably crossed.

Opening the door, I took careful steps toward him. He must've notice my presence since he flinched.

"If Luce doesn't make it out alive. You can forget ever talking to me, your career and your friends." I held my fingers and glanced at the unconscious Lucy in the bed.

She was pale....

Lighter than me.

I sat in the corner of the room joining the deafening silence.

"Mam are you related to the patient in anyway." A nurse asks from outside the door.

"I'm her best friend!"

"Ahh!" Yup that's definitely Erza.

Slamming the door open, there was a scarlet woman seemingly concerned.

"How is Lucy!" I put up my index finger to my mouth signaling her to be quiet.

Her lips pressed into a straight line.

"How did this happen?" Natsu flinched.

"Ask the girl next to you." Erza's gaze averted to mine.

After I explained what happened she seemed almost in tears.

Erza's hand flew back and slapped me, reddening my cheek.

I saw it coming...

"Why would you try and kill yourself?" I dropped my eyes to the ground.

"Do you see where we are now?!" I gripped the hem of my skirt and tears pricked my eyes.

"I'm sorry." I choked. Her hand lightly pinched my chin to rise my head to her.

"I'm not the one you need to apologize to."

The heart sounds from the monitor started slowing.

"Doctor! We need a doctor!"

Gajeel P.O.V

Scanning around my library, I realized she left her phone.

Without permission I went in her phone going immediately to recent contacts.

"I'm here for you."-Jet.

My hand combed through my hair in anger and frustration.

I shoulda known. Bastard was after her before.

Using specialized textbooks and records, I was able to track down his route.

No one takes my Shrimp.

Jellal P.O.V

I got a late night text to go back to the studio.

I hope Lucy is alright. Erza should be there now.

I was wearing a disguise until a short man bumped into me knocking it off.

He covered his face with his arms.

"I'm sorry. Thank you very much." The man apologized. I mean thanked?

I quickly tried to grab my disguise until he spotted me.

"You are Heavenly Magic Jellal from END right? Thank you very much." He had a glint sparkling in his eyes.

"Y-Yes." I confessed the man grabbed my arm helping me up.

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