Nyx's thoughts

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I can remember my mother's late words every time I close my eyes. I see her laying in her blood. Her face pale. "Nyx," she cried, "please stay safe. Remember who are you. You are my daughter, the daughter of the great red dragon. You are the last of our family. You most not die. I love you, baby girl." That was my mother's last words. After that I met Akatsuki he said he was going to protect me. But from what, I dont know.

I always know was I different from the other dragon shifters. Not because of my red hair or because my eyes are different colors. It was because they call me a halfa. At first I didn't know what that meant. But I understand now.

Dragon shifter are very traditional. They dont like mixing our blood. And because my father was human, I was treated different. And to make the worse mother was the last red dragon. There were four dragon shifter families. White, blue, green, and red. The red dragons were suppose to be the great leaders over all dragons. So it was a bog deal when I was born. My mother was suppose to marry a dragon and have full dragon babies. Not half.I never met my father. Mother said he died the day I was born. She said the my brown eye color is his. And my green eye color is hers.

My mother was a beautiful woman. She had red hair and green eyes. She was always so nice to me. But when she was mad she was scary. I loved her. And I miss her.

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