The True Friend

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This is just a fun little short story I wrote. I hope you like it :) Please comment and vote :) I would love some feedback. This is dedicated to WildRose393 for making this amazing cover!! Thx WildRose393!!

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The True Friend

            I hate my life. Now, before you think I’m a total whiner, let me make this clear, if you were me, you would hate your life too. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Madge and I am 13 years old. My birthday is on March 15th and I might never get to celebrate my 14th birthday. Most people who meet me would think that I have a perfect life, but the truth is, my life is horrible. I may have been the prettiest girl in school but 2 months ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. Ever since then I not only lost my beautiful brown locks, but also all my friends, except one.

Taylor is my best and only friend.  She doesn’t care if I’m bald, or I might die any minute now. She always sticks with me and comforts me whenever I have a nervous breakdown and start crying. Now that is exactly what I call a loyal friend.

            Today is September 1st, also known as the first day of school. I just happen to get the worst teachers ever; to add to my ever growing list of horrible things in my life, I also found out that Rosa is in every single one of my classes. Rosa is the most popular girl at school; she is also the meanest.

            “Hey!!! Madge, Wait up!!” someone exclaimed.

            I whirled around to find Taylor running towards me.

            I smiled and said, “Hey! What’s up?”

            “Did you see Rosa’s ugly, new dress?” she exclaimed.

Just then Rosa came breezing through the door.

 “Are you freaks talking about me?” Rosa sneered, “Don’t you just love my new dress? Aren’t you so jealous you don’t have one? If you want one you can go to Neiman Marcus to get one, but you probably can’t afford it because of your useless cancer treatments.” 

“Please,” Taylor replied. “It’s so pink; I’m going blind. Also, only stupid people like you would spend 400 dollars on a dress so ugly.”

“You did not just say that to me, loser!!!” Rosa screeched.

Just as Rosa was getting ready to smack Taylor, Rosa’s boyfriend, Dan, came up and dragged her away. Taylor put her arm around me and smiled.

“Let’s go to class, Madge, who cares about those people anyways” Taylor said.

“You don’t always have to fight back, you know,” I whispered, “We already are losers, so there isn’t much use to fight back.”

Taylor immediately stopped and glared at me.

“I throw my whole life away to be friends with a person like you; I am always the one who stands up for us and you are whining about it??”, Taylor screamed, “ I don’t need a stupid, useless friend like you!!”

She stormed away leaving me there in shock. It took me a minute to process everything that just happened and I realized I just lost my only friend. I trudged to my next class with Mrs. Meltan. What I heard from Mrs.Meltan’s past students, is that she is very strict and gives about 3 hours of homework every night. She’s so horrible that everyone calls her Mrs. Monster, but behind her back, of course.

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