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Do not think.


That’s what she was thinking that night. She had to stop thinking and command herself to listen to the sounds of the forest. It was oddly quiet and she didn’t like it.

Then suddenly, a crack!

A simple sound and yet her body tensed as her brain went on high alert and she was suddenly aware of her surroundings. She raised her silver bow and arrow prepared to strike anything dead. A rabbit dashed out from the bush and she allowed herself to relax…slightly. The bow rested by her side once again and she let out the breath that she had been holding.

This was not good. This would undoubtedly end in disaster.

Do not think!

She had to control her thoughts. They would consume her and distract her from the reason why she was here. She was doing an important job. The most important job some would argue.  Her eyes surveyed the forest below her perch on a high tree top. Her only light came from the moon hanging among the stars.

Another sound! A rustling.

Her eyes desperately searched in the dark for the explanation of the noise. Then, she saw it. It was a minor movement that most trained snipers wouldn’t be able to spot. But she saw it and she didn’t like it.

It was just a simple shadow; a movement of darkness that molded with the guilty culprit. She held her breath unsure of what to do.

Follow your training.

Do not think!

Follow your instinct.

She jumped down from her location and scanned the entire area quickly. She was alone with the shadow man. This was good and yet… could end very badly.

She ran before she let her brain take over and tell her what was best. Her leg muscles worked automatically knowing where to go without being instructed.

Tree branches threated to whip at her face and hold her back but she was able to swiftly dodge anything that blocked her path.

Do not think. Just react.

Her pale, silver curls blew into her face and around her shoulders. A marking of a faded butterfly became exposed on the back of her neck. Her crystal blue eyes darted back and forth despite her constant movement. Her hand was steadily prepared to arm her bow in a second’s notice.

She emerged into a clearing and paused in her movements. She became absolutely still. A statue. As if her lack of movements would make her disappear into the wilderness surrounding her.

She saw it, rather she saw him. The shadow and the man attached. He met her eyes. She knew that they could be a gentle chocolate color but in the dead of the night, they appeared colorless.

Deep black with clear blue.

She shuddered under his gaze and he only smirked in response. He was dressed entirely black with a cloak concealing most of his body. His black shaggy hair hung loosely over his face and a thin layer of sweat on his face glowed in the moonlight. 

She had had the misfortune of meeting this man before.

“You cannot get away.”

She was stalling by announcing this aloud and he could see right through her actions.

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