Chapter 24

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Ollie POV

"Tamaki? Could you come here please?" My brother opened my bedroom door and walked to me.
"What's up, Ollie?"

"I want to forgive Takashi. I know you have a scheme planned. Tell me what it is so we can fix this." I explained.

Tamaki's eyes lit up, "Here's what I was thinking."


The school seemed oddly pinker the next day. The sun seemed brighter and the sky, bluer.

I was excited.

I was getting my Takashi back, no matter what it took. I was ready to be in his warm arms again.

So when I saw him walking into school with a glum and moody look on his face, I put the plan into action.

The rest of the Host Club was in a group under the cherry blossom tree, chatting about the plan, although they stopped when Takashi approached. I grabbed my walkie-talkie, "Go."

As I skipped over to the club, they all looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to say my lines. "Hi I was wondering if you knew where I could-"

"How may we assist you my princess?" Tamaki said.

I looked over at Takashi, he had a confused look on his face.

"Um I'm looking for my brother? I was wondering if you knew him?"

"Oh? and what would his name be m'lady?"

"Tamaki Suoh."

Suddenly Takashi seemed to catch on.

"What's wrong? Did I say something wrong?" I was an awful actress, but I had been practicing these lines all night long.

"Uh-uh not at all my lady!"



Right on cue, a black backpack fell from the second story window.

I jumped and caught it, just as rehearsed.

And before we could get any further, Takashi grabbed me by my waist and kissed me.

It was perfect.

"I missed you!!" I giggled in between kisses.

"Not as much as I missed you. I love you, Ollie. And I promise, I'll never leave you again."


(If you didn't catch on, the plan was to reenact how Takashi and Ollie first met)

Wow guys!! I can't believe it's over!! I had so much fun writing this fic, and can't wait for the next one!! The next one is a KyouyaxOc FanFic, and I hope you all stick around to watch it evolve, just like this one!! I'm honestly so proud of this fic for getting so many reads and votes, and I hope it gains even more popularity now that it's finished!!

I love you guys, and thank you so much for believing in me and encouraging me to keep writing this.

This isn't the end of us, I've got more coming.

See ya❤️


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