I look over to see the time and get my bag and say goodbye to my mom, I look down at my long hair is it dull I mean I put oil in it today so it shouldn't be that bad right? As I'm walking To my nearby werewolf school, I see my friends, they wave and run at full speed towards me, oh my god this is it they're going to tackle me, I close my eyes tight after I don't feel the impact I poke one eye open okay I'm alive I'm good few that was a relief.

"Kendall, did you hear?" Bonnie said with a big smirk on her face and her eyes are wide I shake my head no, "she did not hear" Tyler says in disbelief while holding on to his chest "obviously" Bonnie states with an eye roll "what was I suppose to hear?" I ask "the alpha king is coming," Bonnie says I freeze. *Gasp*I tense. Oh my god.oh god what is he doing here? what does he want?. Is the air getting stuffy are is it just me? Why is outside getting smaller Bonnie and Tyler continue to talk without me they start to talk about what powers the alpha king must have and who his mate must be? and most importantly if they know her.

Let me give you a background on the alpha king, he is supposed to be ruthless, arrogant and uses his powers for his benefit or whatever is easier he's the kind of person you tell your children stories to make sure they Behave. He has been searching for his mate for years without any luck and well, even I'm scared I was supposed to find my mate since my birthday was 2 months ago and I'm mateless. Which not only do I get pressure from my parents about because they complain they want "grandchildren" but I also want someone to love me for me and not my body is that so hard. Like I need to finish school so I don't grow up to be a bum.

I'm finally brought out of my thought by Tyler saying bye I smile  and wave and continue to walk with Bonnie as we turn around the corner we see Caroline with her signature smile on her face golden hair and heals that go *click* *clack with every step she hands me a flyer I look down and on the top red in big bold letters BONFIRE IN THE COURTYARD "everyone is invited" she says before skipping down the hall with more fliers "are you going to go?" Bonnie asks with a wink added.

I can already see the wheels turning in her head. The last time she had this look I was wrapped in bubble wrap and pushed down the stair 1 month ago yeah not fun. I shake my head and try to open my locker god this lock is evil I look at it and stare before I feel a hand on my shoulder, "I can open it for you" I know that voice that's Killian the guy who has been trying to date me since I met him 2 summers ago at Bonnie's soccer tournament and since then he wont leave me alone I turn my head "no thanks Bonnie's going to help me" his  smile does not fade as he blows me a kiss and walks away "don't fight it, Kendall, we belong together" he yells and blows a kiss almost stumbling but catches his footing.

I look at Bonnie "anyways, what's my locker combo again? I forgot"I ask she sighs "you know you do this all the time right and when I mean all the time I mean every day anyways, it's 35, 25, 5 "  I put in the combination and it opens I laugh to myself while I put my books in my locker and keep my binder and pencil case along with my books and put it in the bag  as me and Bonnie walk down the hall I walk down to right hallway as she walks down to the left I have history while Bonnie has science I say bye while she grins and waves we both walk our separate ways. I keep my head down while walking I see my class 2AAH I walk in quickly and take a seat in the front of the class.

As soon as I sit down I cant help but think it would be so much easier to shoot myself so I can avoid the pain and the humiliation of flunking as you cant tell History is my worst subject. The principle comes into my class "Can Kendall please come to the office, please" the whole class erupts in "OUUU's" I pick up my bag and walk to the principle's office while thinking have I done something no did you kill someone no did you leave have evidence, no well, it's a 50/50 chance that I did something wrong.What could possibly go wrong? I think as  I walk through the secretary office and towards the principles office "Yes sir" I say with a smile he looks at me and frowns who peed in his cereal? "Kendall, we need to talk have a seat, " he starts looking upset I nod my head in understanding "Kendall your parents have been taken by the alpha king" I gasp. This cannot be good. I knew the alpha king had powers but how could he take it this far? and for what?.

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