Free to be me!

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Dedicating this to Jaddadaddadingbat because she is just awesome and  has been the best friend in the whole wide world for me today!!! Hope u  vote, comment and just generally enjoy! xx  XD <3

I can't do this on my own,

you left me in distress

to lose myself to the dark

buried deep down in all this mess

I can't breath on my own

i'm hurting every day

i was left defenceless

after you walked away

I can't fight the pain

the despair i kept

lying to myself each night

left there i wept

you scared me for life,

but now i see

i don't need you

i just need me

i was not the only one,

you wrecked many more

so i won't let you destroy me

letting my true feelings pore

i know your intentions were bad

i'm not stupid like you think

you're out of my life

 left in the depth of my heart to sink

only the individual can control

what they will show

to whom they please

but for you didn't have to sink so low,

but now i see your true colours

no longer invisible to the world

i can take in the fresh air

no longer cramped by your hold

no longer being controlled

i'm left to be free

you're out of my mind

so now i'm  just  me.

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