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Chapter 26

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Justin's POV:

"Li, truth or dare?"


"All right, it says you have to do everything in slow motion for the rest of the time." Chaz snickers.

"Yay." Li rolls her eyes.

A few more of us go, then it's Li's turn again.

"Li, truth or dare?"


"Open dare, Li. Justin gets to choose your dare." Chaz raises his eyebrows.

Hahahaha I get to choose her dare. Oh, man, this is gonna be good.

 "Hmm.... Li, I dare you to..." A smile creeps up on my face, "I dare you to give me a lap dance. WIth both of us in our underwear." I raise my eyebrows and smirk.

This is gonna be fun.

"Annoying pop star say what?" 

Annoying pop star... Original.

"You heard me. And you gotta do it in slow-mo." I smile.


I wink.

"Whatever," Li gets off of the floor and I sit on the couch. Li takes her pants off and my eyes widen, along with Chaz and Ryan's.

"Oh come on, you act like you've never seen a thong before!" She jokes.

"Not yours." Ryan winks.

"Perv." She sticks her tongue out at him.

"Thank you." He sticks his tongue out at her and starts moving it around in circles as if he's licking something sensually.

Wow, nice going, man.

"Oh gross!" She punches him in the arm and he laughs.

"Any day now." I'm now in my underwear, waiting for her on the couch.

"Perv." She walks over to me.

"Wait," I stand up and go over to her iHome, "Let's put some music on." I scroll through the songs and click on one.

Na na na come on

Her mouth drops open, "You're kidding me!"

I smirk, "For the whole song."

This is going to be REALLY fun.

"For the whole- You're such a douchebag!"

"I love you, too," I smile and sit back down on the couch, "Yo, Chaz. Restart it. Come here, baby." I pat my lap. 

Chaz restarts the song and Li gives me a slow-motion lap dance.

Damn, okay... This is probably better than a regular lap dance. Good call, Justin. Ah man, I'm so hard right now, it's ridiculus. Li is amazing. Not only is she amazing like this, but she's also gorgeous and sweet, when she's not hitting or insulting me, she's smart, and funny... Okay, I think I....

She turns around and smirks at me, then traces her fingers down my face and chest. 


"Cause I may be bad, but I'm perfectly good at it. Sex in the air, I don't care- I love the smell of it. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me." She sings along to the music and my eyes widen.

I'm enjoying this. A lot.

She leans back and then back up, all of this in slow motion, of course. She pulls me up and turns around, sliding down my body. She faces me again and breathes on my dick as she passes it on the way up.

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