Chapter Eight: The Celebration

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The day of the Celebration

I woke up to a Scarlet haired woman hovering over me. I flinched slightly.
I had slept over at Erza's for the meantime to simply enjoy eachother's company, and it would be easier to get ready.
She smiled at stood up straight. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, yawning in the midst of it. "What time is it?" I said, through mid-yawn.
"It's around 9:00 am. The celebration starts at 5:00." She said, turning to face the kitchen.
"Breakfast?" She tilted her head back. I nodded and followed her in.
We finished breakfast and I drank the last sip of tea left.
"What do we have planned today?" I said while placing the cup down.
"Well, we could go out for the morning, skating, maybe... And we'll eat out for lunch. We'll come back around 1:00 and start getting ready. Does that sound like a plan?"
I nodded and stood up and I went to the washroom first. I got ready.
Erza let me borrow a few of her clothes. A white button up blouse and blue skirt. I paired it with the boots, scarf, ribbon, and coat I had brought with me initially. I came out of the washroom. And she went in after me.
She came out with normal clothes on, which slight surprised me. I was also surprised she wouldn't be freezing with what she had on.
A purple turtleneck which was sleeveless and a brown vest. Black pants with a small cut outs on the sides with half of it barely covered by and "X" with a rope-like material. The black pants then reached white ankle boots. Her arms were accesorized with a black cuff-like sleeves.
"Aren't you going to be freezing in that?" I asked. She shook her head and we both headed out.

It was only a matter of time until we were back at her apartment. We both put on our accessories and dresses, she did my hair and we were done just in time.
"Does Milliana know about this?" I asked, slightly concerned.
"The King has told each guild, I'm surprised you weren't alerted of the event."
I shrugged and walked out of her apartment.
"There should be a carriage outside." She walked out too, shutting her door. I carefully walked down the stairs, trying not to fall.
We both eventually got to the carriage and Erza let me step in first.
It was going to take a while before we could reach Crocus.

It was around 5:30 by the time we reached the castle in the center of Crocus. We were a bit late and we rushed in, Erza's guild, Fairy Tail, had arrived before us. She bid me farewell and I thanked her for her efforts and she was off to join them. I scanned the room from someone from Mermaid Heel. No one came into view. I walked around a bit to see if I could spot anyone.
I was just approaching when I heard a rumbling sound getting closer and closer. I moved away for safety.
Just then a huge carriage crashed through the wall. I had moved just in time to not be hit.
Dust clouded the premises and chunks of a pillar and parts of the wall crashed down.
"Is everyone alright?" A familiar voice yelled from within the rubble.
The dust cleared up and the one handling the carriage was a man with spiked blonde hair and blue eyes. He spat out a small rock. And rubbed his hand behind his head, trying to act innocently.
The passengers of the carriage came storming out, bombarding the blonde man. I kissed my teeth at their ignorance. I was about to turn away but I locked eyes with a familiar.
His carmined eyes dug into my hazel ones. I managed to break out of it quickly, blushing ever so slightly. I thought that breakfast would be the last I see of him! I thought. I walked out, slightly annoyed that they caused such a ruckus.
"Who ruined my strawberry cake?!" I heard a mad and loud voice come from across the room. It was none other that Erza. She was a strawberry cake enthusiast and would become extremely upset if it was ruined or wasted in her possesion.
She stormed up to the now broken carriage, smooshed cake in hand.
"Do you know how long it's been since I've eaten cake this good?" She was infuriated. I sighed and put a hand on her shoulder. "Onee--" I cleared my throat and restarted. "Erza calm down."
She smirked at my mistake and calmed down. "Just this once." Her voice was hard and then softened quickly.
"I apologize for her." I looked up, of course, it just had to be Rogue. I looked down immediatley, trying to act like I didn't know him at all. I tried walking off but he had already saw me.
"Oh, hello again, Kagura." He said politely.
"Greetings." I glanced at him.
"So how have you been?" He didn't seem the slightest bit concerned, I assume he just wanted to be polite.
"Great, absoultely terrific."
I couldn't tell if I was lying to myself or not.

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